Writing Articles Online the Right Way

By Jordan Pearce

Writing internet marketing articles and articles for money can be tricky business for some writers. Even articles written by so called experts can be misleading. Intentions are good from both parties but some still miss the mark.

Here are some of the best ways to go about writing for the web. The idea is to set yourself apart by remaining competitive and being high ranked online.

Keywords are the Key
You need to make a list of, and I hate to sound cliché but, relevant keywords. Start out by making a list of ten or 15 keywords and test them out for ranking. Choose the keywords that best suite your topic and build your article around those key phrases. Thorough keyword research will make it easier for search engines to find your articles online.

Titles Go Here
Obviously you need to pick a topic but you cannot go on topic alone. The best way to start your article is to use keywords that are pertinent to the article.

Examples of good keyword tips:

Dog Training: Tips and Tricks for Fido

Dog Food: Rewards that Make Sit Happen

A not so good example:

How to Train Your Dog in 6 Easy Steps

10 Tips in 10 Days to Training Your Dog

Your titles should include keywords in the first 5 words. Phrases like “How to market a business” and numbers are too general and not specific enough to keep up with demand keywords.

Sub-headers are titles too and should not be passed up to enter a high ranked keyword.

Sentence Structure
When we talk about sentence structure we are talking about structure online. Your first and last sentences in a paragraph should include your keywords that are important to the article. You can count the subtitles as the first portion of a paragraph but make sure that the last sentence of your article has keywords that are associated with the article.

Internet Links
Sometimes Internet links work better than keywords since search engines love links. Your online article will be that much easier to find while providing outside information to your readers. The trick here is to have an outside to a landing page on your site or another site that has high ranks and keyword density that compliment your online article.

Resource Box
Be sure to ad any links that pertain to your web page or any resource books you may be selling or writing in your resource box.

Your resource box is the “about the author” portion of who wrote the article. Keywords are a must here so don't forget a link or two and end your online article with relevant knowledge of your subject.

About the Author
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