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Free RSS Directories

30 Free RSS Feed Directories Has been updated. Add your blogs RSS now!

Here are 15 more free RSS directory links and all have decent PR and Alexa. All RSS directory links go directly to the RSS submit feed, RSS add or URL page. No reciprocals, no fees. :)

o Links without descriptions are general RSS directories.

2RSS - Directory, Software and Articles
4GuysFromRolla - ASP Directory
Aspin - ASP Resource Index
FeedBoy RSS Directory - Brazilian RSS feed directory but easy to submit even if you don't know Portuguese. :)
Feeds4all Webfeed (RSS/ATOM/RDF) submitted to
FreeFeedsDirectory - RSS directory and feed tools.
Feed Shark - Submit your RSS and Podcast to multiple directories.
RSSxpress - UK RSS directory
Yahoo! Publisher - Add your feed to the Yahoo! feed database.

Marketing Your RSS Feed
  • Send a Tweet with your feed URL.
  • Add an email subscription option to your feed. Some of the biggest blogs don't offer email subscriptions. Make sure you do.
  • Add a feed aggregator to your email signatures.
  • Go through all the websites where you have a profiles and add your RSS.

How to Make a Blogs Video

What is a blog video? Let Al Tomkin show you how he produces his blogs video segments. Very cool and easy to do.

Also see my post You Tube Tips for promoting and marketing your video on You Tube.

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Friday Social - You Tube Tips

You Tube - What a great way to be social! Create an account and add a link to your site. Start adding videos from the network or make your own.

As an example I used Tim Brownsons - How to Be Miserable video to show how you can showcase your favorite You Tube videos.

To make your videos go viral there are great options from You Tube. The more activity a You Tube video gets the more popularity it gains within the network:

Share - Hit the You Tube share option and you can add videos to Mixx, Myspace, Facebook, Digg, send it to all your contacts on You Tube, email to friends and even blog it!

Favorites - When you favorite a video it will automatically show up on your channel. I usually copy and paste the URL and make it my main video on my channel as it's the top vid for people to see. The more it is a favorite the more buzz it will create in the You Tube network.

Rate it! - See those little red stars under the main video on the left? Make sure you rate videos for maximum exposure.

Commentary - Oh yes the comments area. The more comments you give and get the more activity the video generates within the network. You may see vids on You Tube home page that are popular today today known as 'Rising Videos', most talked about, etc. Comments really help your video get a boost.

Thumbs Up
- Use the thumbs up (or down) options for comments you find to be beneficial to the conversation.

You Tube is all about the buzz so the more activity a video has the better chance it has to get more views.

You Tube Tips:
  • Views: There is speculation that YT alters their 'hit counter' for videos. Your hits are not going to show up right away and may even take a few hours for the information to populate. Be paitent and keep promoting your video.
  • Update your channel frequently by adding videos, commenting on channels and sharing great content.
  • Make your own videos. If you don't own a video camera you can make what is called a montage, which is a collection of images. Go to Flickr and ask members if it is okay to use their photos. I have always gotten the 'green light' when I ask. Just add their name or Flickr profile to the credits.

    Other forms of images can be screen shots, your own photos and manipulated images from the web. MS Paint is your friend and is good for text images. Make sure you read up on Fair Use laws as You Tube does not tolerate copyright infringement. Edit your images in Microsoft Movie Maker that came with your PC or iMovie for Mac or other free and simple editing software.
Have fun with You Tube as it is a great way to be social and make your content go viral!

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Web Optimization Update

Web Optimization <--- See this post! Doing a Google search for 'blogs that make money' I kinda noticed that I'm in the #1 spot again! On Halloween of 07 not realizing I hit number one I started goofing with my links and what not. I removed a bunch of links and changed a some titles but also learned some new SEO tricks of the trade. At last they have all indexed and I've had a fair amount of SEO that I was tinkering with so today well you can see for yourself:


The most important part of SEO is patience! I was not shooting to be on top right away I knew if continued to work what I have learned eventually it would happen. :)

Also my organic search is up by 10%!

What did I do:

Exercised Patience - This cannot be stated enough. Just do what you are supposed to be doing and your efforts will off shoot an outcome that you had been working towards.

I'll read some SEOs asking "why haven't my links indexed yet?" Well they are only a day or week old so give it some time. Instead of worrying about it either link to sites that are already indexed or sit on your new posts and eventually they will show up in the serps.

Restructured Backlinks - Do you comment market? I do and I mainly blog on older blog posts that have been around for a few weeks. Not like it matters but it helps. I also rearranged my internal links and changed some of the titles to reflect the keywords I was looking to bank on.

Keywords - Like I said my organic search results have gone up 10% since November and just 6% in the past three weeks. I like to pride myself on being better at keyword research than other SEO things as I use a mix of highly competitive and keywords with low competition.

Followed My Own Advice - Obviously most of what I have learned I got elsewhere. I just happen to be an observant person and if people say it works you should probably be doing what works. My one piece of knowledge I would pass on is pick and choose what works for YOU! I still hear people rave about article marketing. Perhaps it works for them but I find it to be too time consuming and would rather keep my intellectual property for myself. It works, just not for me.

What worked for me? Making useful lists like Blog Marketing Tools or post with specifics like How to Get Backlinks One Way or the importance of simple SEO methods like Dofollow or Nofollow? That is the Question. These posts have been shared, bookmarked and passed around. Not to tens of thousands of readers but to enough to give me some honorable backlinks and mentions.

So there you have it. I no doubt think that my site will slip here and there but I've taught myself more and implemented tenfold my tactics since October 07 so I will keep you all posted. :)

Tell me what you think!

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Comment Spam - Embrace It!

Dofollow and spam are closely related otherwise there would be no such thing as the 'nofollow' attribute.

When is dofollow and comment spam a good thing?

Keywords - Depending on the keywords if they are closely related to my blog and their site checks out okay I will allow the comment. The reason for this is to get some organic traffic off of their keywords. Less work for me.

Affiliate Marketers
- First I check out the program and if it seems legit or popular again I allow it. Keywords again are in play here. People pay a lot of money to compete in PPC, and usually the keywords they leave behind is something, someone, somewhere was searching for. Less work for me again!

Twitter Spammers - Please, leave your Twitter profile link on my blog. I could use the followers! Then I can spam you back! Ha ha just kidding. Spammers are acutally too busy spamming to really use Twitter effectively so I don't mind following them as they only send out five or six Tweets a month.

Repeat Offenders - When the spammers seem to visit often I send them an email or leave a comment on their site asking for a back link. After all my blog is dofollow so it does not hurt to ask.

How to combat anchor text: If someone spamming my blog leaves useful info or is contributing I just rewrite their comment for them, and exclude the anchor text. Everyone is happy!

So see comment spam is not all that bad. You can still offer your readers some dofollow juice and keep your spam audience at bay.

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