Article Directories- Reviews

Article directories are no secret. If you've made it to this marketing blog then they are nothing new but good directories are hard to find!

In my search for "article directories" in the article directories (that is not a repeat or a typo) I came up short on what were some of the easiest sites to use.

With much research I'd like to give you a list of article banks and directories that I found were easy to submit and search for articles to use for your online business:

Ezine Articles - EA has got to be one of the easiest and most popular sites as far as submitting and finding quality web content. The site is well organized and the HTML editor and submitting features are non confusing to say the least. Ezine Articles literally has thousands of articles on any topic. There is also a nifty badge as an Ezine Article Expert to put on your site as a part of your online marketing tools.

Go Articles - Writing online articles was never as simple as! They too have a comprehensive stash of articles for website marketing as well as easy article submission.

The only difficulty I found with the site is trying to find other articles by the same authors. There are seperate hyper-links for both the first and last name so you need to search for the authors articles on your own.

The other drawback is if you look at too many articles in a short amount of type you will be mistaken for an article submitting software program and have to type code into a text box to prove your not a bot. Conduct your research carefully to avoid this!

On a good note a nice feature Go Articles offers is the option to have multiple articles sent to your e-mail inbox. Very convenient!

Article Express - Relatively new I found this article directory on one of the many article directory searches I been conducting. Again I am not repeating myself or keyword stuffing...

AE (not to be confused with EA - Ezine Articles) seemed easy enough to use for submission. The HTML editor was pretty straight forward but lacked the little buttons at the top so you have have to manually key in tags yourself within your articles.

Search Warp - The best part about this article directory is you can also submit your web site url and they will add it to the major search engines! Seartch Warp is a little pickier about their online article submissions but that makes for better web content for you to use.

This information should provide you with a good start on researching articles and submitting your online marketing articles to some of the better directories.

Please share your thoughts on article submission sites, article site links or submit your article directory to us for review.

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