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What a day today! It's about 93 degrees here in Seattle but luckily it only feels about 91!

At any rate the blogging is coming along nicely. Today I've added some exchange links to the site and a few ebooks that I have purchased in the past few weeks.

Blogging to the Bank 2.0 is something I just picked up this morning and (I read and work fast) I've already put some suggestions into action in the past few hours.

This is a great product and although I'd been blogging for the past three years and have, oh, I don't know, 12 blogs, B2theB 2.0 really was an inspiring read. It helped me to know that I was doing a lot of things right already but had some extra gems that I had not thought of and sprung to life some extra tools and other future marketing ventures!

For sure check it out (<------the banner link is to the left) even if you've been blogging for awhile. It's the spark you need to get you up and running. I've purchased many ebooks over the years and have tons of free ones. As the days go by I'll keep you all informed and only post the ones that I liked. The ones that were a waste of money or not worth their "free" price are not worth mentioning.

If you have a blog or blogs and want to make money you need to get Blogging2theBank 2.0, sign up at Click Bank and stick a banner on every blog you own!

Also the title of the post is "blog directory" and I am looking for those who would like to do a blog exchange. Please send me an email at: if you think your blog is a good match with mine.

Have fun in the sun people! Happy July!

"If you share your sadness you cut it in half. If you share your joy you double it." --- Heard from a client


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