Blog Profiting From Article Marketing

By Marilyn Roberts

There are many ways to use article marketing to increase traffic to your blog and thereby increasing the possibilities of more sales including promoting your own products, good affiliate marketing results and even generating more Adsense clicks on your blog.

Placing your articles in popular article directories will give you the opportunity to direct traffic to your blog using your author's bio to link to your site.

Writing insightful, quality content gives you a better chance of having someone reprint your article on their site with your link in the bio. Others may like your article so much they will send it to their list and overnight you could receive a lot of traffic and make a lot of sales.

One thing you want to be sure to do is have the content on your blog related to the article you are having published. The search engines will frown upon having a blog about dogs linked to an article about cows and they will not want to send you any traffic. Also, the people reading your article will expect your blog to be about what your article is concerning. If you disappoint them, they will not be back.

Using the same search engine optimization on your blog as you would use on a web site will ensure that you will have a steady flow of traffic visiting your blog.

You need to continually have your articles published in the article directories to keep your place in the search engines. One article might bring you a burst of traffic but you will want to keep the momentum up. Even one article per week should help maintain a good amount of traffic.

Get started on your article marketing now by writing compelling, useful articles and you will start to see your stats climbing.

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