Blog Traffic: Call for Submissions

Hey back to blogging this week.

Ever get caught up in all the research and social bookmarking you forget to post? Ha ha. Been there too huh?

That is probably an effective way to get gain some traffic and that is where I would like some of my readers to come in.

Call for Submissions

Next month I would like to have a post with traffic ideas from other bloggers.

What you get:

-Free listings in the BTMM directories and affiliated sites.
-Technorati Faves Votes and other exchanges from those who participate.
-Front page exposure to your blog!

How you get chosen:

-Please write a few paragraphs about your 3 favorite ways to generate traffic to your site. If you are chosen, some or all of your ideas may be used.
-Have your blog in order!
o Good design and layout, easy to navigate
o Have 3 posts per week
o Preferably marketing, blogging and webbing but other blogs on any topic are very welcome to participate
o No pop-ups (some pop up ads ok) no direct links to affiliate sites, blogs that contain porn, illegal content, warez, hate, or spam.

If you can think of any other creative benefits that would be appropriate for submitting to this article please let me know!

Send your submission to:

Comments? Anyone? Anyone? ;)


  1. hi there ! got ur comment on blogging den ! You have to have a GMAIL account to join in. If u wish to join in as an author and promote ur blogs..just mail me at !

  2. I have had you listed in

    Technorati fave avatar list!

  3. love the site, can't wait to read more, comment on my blog for a free site review complete with anchor text or a link exchange.


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