What You Need to Know to Start Your Own Forum

By Michal Jajko

Forum is a great addition for any website. It is a good tool to attract visitors to your site. But, what exactly is a free web forum? Well, it is a platform to bring like-minded people together to discuss things and share their experiences.

There are many ways to attract visitors to your website. A free forum is the most suitable and effective tool to get people to visit your site and come back frequently. A forum hosting valuable communities and quality posts will make the users come back frequently to share their own experiences and gain knowledge. Incorporating a free forum on your site is not a simple task. It requires you to have a lot of time, patience and enthusiasm.

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The basic things you need to consider while starting your own free forum are firstly, that it is pointless to add new forums in your site if you have no members and no posts. It will not work. It is like an empty hall where the silence can be deafening. You need to have members and you need to have quality content, too, to be successful. You will get more visitors if the quality of content is good. It is therefore a good idea to provide a feedback link to the visitors to hear what they have to say.

There are forums that offer special advertising options and other incentives to active members who frequent the forum. The options can be in the form of text links or banners. These members are prompted to start their own discussions chains to avail of the free advertising options. You also hold a lucky draw to pep up regular users.

Another way to make the best of free forums is to source content for your website forum. It helps to work together in a give-and-take relationship. For example, you take their content and post yours on their site. If you don't mind dishing out some money, you can hold discussions and lure them with cash incentives. But, you will have to be extremely quality conscious. Make sure the visitors don't copy from other forums and paste it in yours. It will get you a bad name.

If you do not have a huge budget or if you find that you cannot attract people to start discussion on your forum in anyway, the last option for you is to 'clone' yourself and start various threads of discussions yourself. Once you do this, the other visitors will get out of the 'somebody -needs-to start-a-discussion-first syndrome'.

Once it gets started, you can bow out quietly and let them take the discussion further. You can then let the community grow by itself. It is the initial warm-up that is the toughest part of building an online community. After doing that successfully, you can relax and see it grow and flourish. However, you may have to prod it at times.

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