Article Marketing and the People Who Use It

Why are More People Getting Into Article Marketing?
By Johnathan White

Article marketing is a relatively new addition to the search engine optimization world but the number of people that are taking part is growing every day. Of course, the number triples all the time because there are authors, article directory owners, as well as web publishers all involved in this search engine optimization technique. As time goes on and page ranks rise, article marketing will only become more popular. Everyone involved in this type of marketing sees the ability to profit and thrive just doing what he or she do best, so why wouldn’t it become more popular?

The Bottom Line
More and more people are getting into article marketing for one very simple reason: it works. Web publishes are finally learning that achieving a good page rank is not just based on the number and quality of links instead it is based on quality links and quality content. Authors are finding that they can make a lot of money providing content to the web publishers that are constantly hungry for more content. Additionally, the article directory owners find that they are often a necessary middleman between publisher and author.

Article Directory
Article directories work a lot like phone books, they provide all of the facts in a very up front way. Web publishers can come and browse through the articles and decide which ones they would like to have posted on their website. This works for the article directory because formatted into the article code are links to the article directory. Every time the article is posted on another website it creates another link for the article directory, securing their page rank and even boosting it a bit. The article directory owner can earn a bit of money by charging a small fee for each article or can just enjoy a great page rank!

The Publishers
More and more web publishers are getting into article marketing because they need to increase their page rank and overall visibility. Article marketing is attractive to web publishers because it allows them to put high quality content on their website which is a requirement for a good page rank. Not only does the content provide the website with more credibility, but the links to the article directory do as well since they usually have good page ranks.

The Authors
Authors are attracted to article marketing because it can get them a lot of exposure. Many writers find that they can write on many different subjects and submit all of them to an article directory. Because they write on a variety of subjects they get exposure in a variety of markets. Authors often benefit because the web publishers are given their personal information and website through the resource box. Many web publishers actually contact the author directly to contract them for further work, eliminating the need for the article directory for both the publisher and the author. With so many web publishers seeking high quality content, authors can stay in business as long as they can continue to provide high quality content.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons for a lot of people to become involved with article marketing. The process simply works for a good deal of people and what they are trying to achieve professionally. As long as high quality content is needed to secure a good page rank, you will find that it will continue to grow in popularity.

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