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Here is a list of blog marketing sites that are listed by page rank as of:

October 21st 2008
August 19th 2007
December 26th 08 - Added which sites are dofollow.


PR6 (dofollow!)

PR5 (dofollow!) (dofollow!)

PR4 (dofollow!)

Article Directories


PR6 (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!)

PR5 (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!)

PR4 (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (temporarily down?)

Blog Directories

PR9 (dofollow!)

PR8 (dofollow!)

PR7 (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!)

PR6 (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!)

PR5 (dofollow!) (dofollow!) English written blogs by Iranians. (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!)

PR4 (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!) (dofollow!)

(Not updated)
Article Directories
Blog Directorites
Blog Forums
Link Exchange
Web 2.0

(Did we miss anything? Do you have a site or forum that is PR3 or higher to add? Please leave a comment and we will add your suggestion to the post.)


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