Changing the World Through Blogging

Here is a blogging idea, ok, a reiteration of what some bloggers do already but I am always thinking in the same terms.

I've been reading and thinking about if you want to change the world then start a sensible blog.

Today I wrote about changing the world through eating (if you care to read):

Is my post going to change someones way of thinking about the way they eat or how they consume goods? It just might.

Blogging community is another important aspect of Internet culture and I have seen many posts and blogs on the subject. How can we take Web 2.0 by the bootstaps and take it a few steps farther.

A simple plan:

Who are some of your favorite bloggers in your friends, community lists or blogrolls and how can you incorporate them into your blog or promote them today?

Aside from link and Technorati Favs exchanges, comments, Stumbles, "visit me, I'll visit you" what can you really do help out a fellow blogger without expecting anything in return?

If you're with me, try it. Contact one person today and see how the two of you can collaborate. (I did just that today and then thought, everyone should be doing this and then wrote this post! Maybe I'm just behind the times of marketing so forgive me. Some of my little light bulbs are low wattage at times.)

If you're ambitious do five people. Or even one person every single day. One a week. Make it a routine and change the world through blogging!

Tell me what you think!


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