Easy Blog Traffic

Save yourself the headache of trying to get more traffic to your blogs.

The majority of your frustration can be avoided by examining your own marketing techniques!

Do you make it hard for your readers to read your blogs?

Let me show you how to stop doing that!

Make It Easy
Internet readers are fast paced, usually lack attention span and they scan posts. Sounds like you right? Sounds like me too!

When you are in a forum or other Web 2.0 site, do you expect new readers to go to your profile to click on your sites URL?

Are questions being asked and you send readers to your site in general and not specifically to a post that solves their issue?

Make it super easy for readers to find your site or posts. You are responsible to know the habits of your target market.

And heres a secret...

No matter what the target market, readers want live links to click on!

Too Slow Joe!
Cliche and passe? So are slow pages and if they take longer than five seconds to kick in fix it!

RSS Feeds
Feedburner has an email subscription widget that delivers your posts directly to inboxes. That is amazing because now you don't have to email your readers and tell them that you posted.

The same goes for aggregator feeds. You need loads of chicklets because there are tons of RSS options out there.

If your post are nicely organized and your titles are keyword searched, I hope, they are much more clickable if they grab the subscriber.

Social Bookmarking

You could tell your readers 'bookmark this page' in every post and more on that in a second. The easiest way for them to bookmark is with Web 2.0 buttons so make them available.

Ask for Action
Here is where my copy skills come in. "Please subscribe" -with the proper tools for readers to do so. "Bookmark this page" because this post has valuable resources that you can refer to it later. "Vote now!" or "Buy now!" are actions you would like to see happen.

Make sure you have something juicy to offer in return if you want people to take action.

Marketing is easy and fun. Stop making a lot of hard work for yourself. You are responsible for your traffic so make it easy for everyone.