Make Extra Money: More ways to Make More Money

What would you do if there was no Adsense?

And why do I repeat that title and why do so many other bloggers do the same thing? Because those are keywords that work!

This post is just that and that making even more money online from blogging using offline and non-traditional blog techniques that will get you some extra cash.

1. Create an Apex Blog

That's right. You need a blog that is the calling card for all your other blogs. You only have one blog? Start another one! Consider your apex or main blog a business card with a lot more information. Have lists of articles or post that you are proud of or offer them for free. If you only have one blog, start a post that list services that you offer as a blogger? Services I offer you may ask?

2. Offer Other Services

Once you get into the swing of blogging for awhile and have a good idea of what readers, businesses, and other bloggers are looking for, start charging or bartering for your services.

Services can include research, writing ad copy, editing, reviews, promotion, writing posts or ghostwriting, creating a blog for others, writing newsletters or press releases, offer relevant link exchanges, consulting and anything else you can dream up in the blogsphere.

3. Free...

Give baby give. Offer something free on your website because free brings people back for more! On some of my sites I offer free articles or free templates to use. Depending on your blog you can post a link to free samples or free newsletters and ebooks that are closely related to your blog niche.

4. Interview an Expert

Advertise or find authors of books, other bloggers, owners of new websites, business gurus, church officials, film makers, movers and shakers you get the picture. They are out there and love to advertise. They will pay you too!

5. Emailing Lists

You need an email list for those days when you want your readers to take action. Do you have a charity or cause that you want to promote? Maybe someone else does and if the cause is closely related to your blog, you're in business!

A note on newsletters: It's ok to promote goods and services or sell books from affiliate programs, but only offer books you have actually read or purchased and don't over do it on your services. It comes across as too spammy. If you have a post that you think has a lot of value, include it in the newsletter and give people a reminder that they should visit your blog on that particular day.

There are tons of other creative actions you can take to get people to visit your blog and ways that you can make extra money aside from just posting. Incorporate some of these ideas with what you are doing already and see how you can make extra money aside from just owning a blog.