A Marketing Article for Article Marketing

What is the best way to write a marketing article for article marketing?

A large number of articles written specifically for article marketing are unusable. They are either not researched or not formatted properly, or both.

Here is a blatant step-by-step process of one way to write effective web content for article marketing.

1) Make a master list of keywords and phrases - Ok enough talking like a robot in the Intro paragraph which you will learn about in a step or two.

Research keywords and keyword phrases also known as long tail keywords.

Use Overture, keyword selectors or the best way...find a site with a similar niche as your site and scour the 'Ads by Google' to see what keywords people pay for!

2) Make a list of 50 keywords - Use keywords in your title and as your sub-headers throughout your article.

In my intro I promised a blatant step-by-step process so here is the list of key words that I am working with for what you are reading now.

First I picked 50 keyword phrases then chose ten for this article. As you might notice you can squeeze out many articles from this master list.

3) Keywords and Density - You hear all this talk of keyword density yak yak.

You need keywords in these areas:

  1. Title

  2. Sub-headers

  3. In your introduction paragraph.

  4. Lightly sprinkled throughout the body of the article.

  5. In the summary, which we'll discuss later.

  6. In the author resource box.

Here is a list of the 50 keywords I came up with:

A Marketing Article: Master Keyword List

My keywords are spread out effectively so I don't need to list them.

If you follow this step you don't have to worry about density and your article will look more natural and practically write itself!

This is a list of the other 10 keywords I came up with for this post:

A Marketing Article: 10 Keywords

4) Introduction paragraph - Now we get to the good part of article marketing and part of your marketing strategy.

What was my intro?

"What the best way to write a marketing article for article marketing?"

"Here is a blatant step-by-step process of on way to write a marketing article for article marketing."

That's it. Finito!

Start your article with an introduction paragraph by asking a question or creating intrigue by telling your readers what you are about to tell them. Secrets revealed! Unlock the secrets of...!

You get the idea. Write it on paper and then deliver.

5) Lists, bullets, numbers, letters - here is a quick list of subjects you could write about:

  • Top 10 Ways to Make Money

  • Income from Home

  • Increase Adsense Revenue

  • How to be an Internet Marketing Professional

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Not only did I give you and example of bullets but I provided you with free information and another way to effectively use keywords.

6) Summary - You need to conclude your article and summarize.

All you need to do is list all your sub-headings that are your base keywords, and as mentioned add them at the end of your article.

That's it!

7) Author Resource Box - this is where you sell your product or advertise your site or both. Do both!

One very important aspect of the resource box is to use anchor text. Always use anchor text!

Here it is:

< href = " http:// mywaycoolsite.com " rel='nofollow'> My Way Cool Site < / a >

Without the spaces, you can copy and past and add your own info to get an anchor link which you can see an example at the end of this post.

Omit the www! Don't post http://mywaycoolsite.com!

Anchor text is easiest for search engines to find your links. Make it easy!

Here are some extra steps to kick off your article marketing.

8) Email any webmaster that you linked to - Find and send an email to the webmaster and let them know you mentioned them in your article.

9) Submit to article directories - Here is a list of some really good article directories:

Article Directories by Page Rank

Make sure you post your article on your own page to claim it first before you post it anywhere else on the web. Search engines and Google in particular doesn't like duplicate information so make sure you own your work. Wait a couple of days and then post your articles around the web.

10) Sell or donate your articles - Donate or sell them to top ranking websites and see if they use the whole article as content or just use a link to it. Either way you get great exposure, are considered an specialist in your field and get some good backlinks to your site and maybe even make a sale.

How about that!

You're not looking for praise, credit, money, backlinks or a pat on the back but you never know!

If anything you have one more person looking at your marketing article.


What did you learn today about composing and marketing an article?

  • Make a list of 50 keywords phrases - make money online, income from home etc.

  • Use 10 keywords as titles and sub-headers and thoughout the body of your article.

  • Introduction Paragraph - In this case my opening was: What is article marketing?

  • Make and use lists, bullets, letters and numbers.

  • Summary

  • Author resource box = Use anchor text only!

  • Email webmasters you linked to and submit to article directories or sell your article!
Since this is my site I don't really need a resource box and you can find out more about me on my About page.

Here is what my normal author resource boxes look like:

Are you curious how people make money blogging? Visit the highly acclaimed blog Blogs that Make Money, add them to your favorites and use them as your number one resource for marketing your blog!

There you have it. A blatant step-by-step on how to write and the extra steps to market your marketing article.



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  2. Interesting article.

    Does your site make you a lot of money, or do you do it for the love of blogging?


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