Powerful Marketing Shortcuts that are Different from the Rest

Not only do I love to write but I love to read. Some weeks I will read four books cover to cover. Some days I spend the entire day online doing research. Other days I can crank out seven to 10 articles on different topics all in one sitting because I am a freak that way. Then I find the time to put it all together and blog when I am not doing other business and living a life.

Some days I let others do the work for me and, and other days I do nothing at all!

Then there are the days that I actually have to work. Those are few and far between but that is just my style I guess.

In no particular order, here are some useful blog posts and sites that offer powerful shortcuts in your marketing so you can run your business or blog and not have it run you.

20 Hard Core SEO Tips
Seo Theory and Analysis Blog gives creative and essential
ideas to give you the competitive edge.

Social Media Daily
The social marketing blueprint you were always hoping for!

Link Building Techniques: No Nofollow Forums
Virtual Marketing Blog tell all list to dofollow forums.

The Easiest Way to Make Money Online - Seriously
Why is this different? Because it is often overlooked. The
formula that top earning blog masters have been using for years
and it will be new news to you.

101 Little Hacks to Help You Get Your Work Finished More Quickly
Not necessarially marketing but shortcuts to get you closer to getting around
to marketing.



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