Rant and Raves: Craigslist, Plagairism, Priestcrafting and Other Things That Piss Me Off

Normally I'm more professional in my language since I am working daily on a blog that I feel seriously about. BTMM has only been around since July but I have been blogging for about 3 years, writing on the web for 7 and have been in sales and marketing for 15!

So anyhow todays post is just some rants that I have run into in the past hour online and my thoughts how we should all learn to read between the lines and adapt to a changing online world...

Rant: Craigslist Blah, Blah, Blah
Honestly I can't be to angry at the CL team because they have one of the most remarkable sites ever! Unfortunately they have to baby sit a barrage of shady characters who want to ruin all the online fun.

My main complaint right now is this: "no_follow"

"No_follow" because people spam too much. "No_follow" because people take advantage of CLs generosity. "No_follow" and a lot of other sites are catching on to "no_follow".

Does Yahoo! own a part of CL and what advantage does a no_follow tag help the big sites in keeping the masses at bay.

As I said this post is about some gripes and how to adapt. Not that I ever relied on the backlinks but now that's gone too! Bah! Ok I'm done. Moving on to the next victim.

Cult of Google: Priest Crafting
I first heard the term priest crafting from a Libertarian site many years ago and it literally opened my eyes. Not only is the colloquial definition what some, not all, some scam artist clergy used to practice but literally anyone who wants to control you can use. Can you think of any people or any companies that do the following:

The art of awing the laity, managing their consciences, and diving into their pockets. Taken from this site: From Old Books

Not to get on Google but they have devised enough gold plated hoops that most, not all, most will happily jump through without a wince.

Priest crafting is this--companies know there is an easier way to do things but they wont tell you what those ways are. You do it their way or get penalized if they have the power or have instilled enough fear into you.

Is it human nature to want to dominate, control, conquer and divide the moment you know you have the upper hand? It's called politics, it's called business arrogance and it's what keeps some people, what they call in show business "above the line".

Above the line are the producers on down the heirarchy to a certain point then you have those who are below the line. The necessary lackies to keep the show rolling.

Priest-crafting is the secret formula for being the 20 in the 20/80 rule.

I'm also hear to tell you that maybe that is only 20 percent of the 20 that operates in such a fashion if that makes sense.

It's a have-and-have-not clique and it applies to a lot in your life whether you like it or not. But who wants to be a part of these two teams anyway? I don't think in black or white, I think sideways on a sober day. I'll follow the rules but in general terms I don't play games and don't let others play games with me either.

Please opt me out if ANY company I have put faith in that starts clamping down and dreaming up associations, clubs, scemes, cloaks and badges that make it harder for me to do business with them.

I'm not a hypocrite here because that's marketing. Ethical? Or no.

Without explaining I think some of you know what I'm talking about and I still like Google a lot and they aren't exactly angels in the business of so called one-way-only-of doing-things'ness.

Online Plagarism
Today I received a comment on one of my post about article marketing and how someone was tired of being ripped of by offending sites always stealing their content.

Then! And because I like this site and the article I read which I think should be dugg, found this on Sphinn:

Hell yes I put in my two cents in the comments but let me stress the importance of helping instead of priest-crafting and with holding information as to be cliche and say nip these problems in the bud.

Go read it, digg, sphinn, stumble it and then let it make you think.

Other Things That Piss Me Off

Not much else today except maybe Starbucks and iTunes should give away better music for free and not just artist who need help.

Uh, McDonalds should be serving breakfast all day every day if they want to stay competitive.

What else...not much else I guess but I hope that some of my fellow web-people can relate to this post and do the opposite of hoarding what you know and share the wealth of information.

Think of it this way...if you could give away 100 dollars to every single person you meet will you ever run out of 100 dollar bills? Only until they stop printing them but if that ever happens you will be giving out other types of currency.


P.S. This is an ad free post today. :)


  1. Craigslist is the greatest.

    And, you're right. McDonald's should serve breakfast all day. Love their egg / sausage McMuffins.

  2. Priest Crafting.. hmmmmm. Interesting phrase. Thanks for introducing it to me! Pretty soon all the companies will be 'no follow'. I still think it was pretty crappy of the wikipedia to do it but whatever, businesses will do as they please.


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