Always Be Creating

Google page rank fiasco overload kept me away from BTMM for two weeks!

Ironically at that time I was beginning research to write a post about marketing on Myspace and Facebook and look what I ended up with instead:

A Pulse On the Internet...

Wow a whole new webite. So even when I'm not blogging I'm always coming up with ideas and trying to implement the ones that really stick.

This site is basically a weekly digest of current issues with a little bit of a web twist. This week I actually had a theme and that was the corportate hijacking of the arts because it seemed like a hot topic in the wake of the WGA strike.

Here are some of my recommendations so you can Always Be Creating:
  1. If you cant stop thinking about it, it's probably a worthwhile idea.Not to the point of obssession, ok well maybe, at least start on the project before someone else does. You can always go back and tweak things. Or if you don't work on one of your sites you can always be apologetic and offer up some new information for others to ponder.

  2. Reasearch and more reasearch.I just about blew a gasket reading so much in the past few weeks on all I could find on marketing to specific markets. I haven't written anything in the last two weeks because I wanted to focus on what I had learned instead. That actually makes for better writing and posting. Your ideas will be more fluid and you will have less to edit in your writing. I promise.

  3. Campaigns.If you plan out your campaigns ahead of time that is less work for you overall. You can also refer to old campaigns that worked when you find yourself at a loss. Start referring to lower level priorities that you haven't got around to doing yet. This was an absolute life saver for me in the past few weeks. I scripted 5 marketing campaigns for Urban Writ and now I can actually use two of those for this site too.

  4. Mimic the best.You don't have to steal or plagerize from others but scope out what others are doing for marketing and take note. You may actually come up with a better idea or learn to implement something very basic that you did not consider before. Does your site have an RSS feed or a way for others to contact you? That's what I mean by basic. Look for reoccuring patterns and must haves that everyone else is using. Now go post your RSS feed right now!

  5. Write everything down.If you let an idea slip your mind you will kick yourself later. You should also make a list of priorities from 'must do or die now' to 'can do if I have down time'.

    I get sidetrack easily so for me a pen and paper is actually more important than my laptop. All I have to do is turn my head to the right, look down and I know what I'm supposed to be doing.

    Another reason to write things down is so that you keep your mind active. Write headlines or ideas for lists. It's called a swipe file in the copy world and you keep all your ideas in order and you can go back and use them when the time is right.
  6. Network.That seems obvious but do it for the simple fact that interacting with others who are on the same wavelength will give you the creative energy to move forward. Whenever I interact with people I'm always wondering or coming up with ideas to move their agendas forward or learning how I can move my own with ideas I hadn't thought of. You learn from people so keep people close by so they can learn from you too.
I'm guilty of being an opportunist but I am an ultimate observer and love to share information freely. When the words come out of your mouth (or out of your keyboard) you put forth into the world and clear a space in your head and heart for your next ingenius and creative idea!

That's what I've learned so I can Always Be Creating because if you cut out a lot of the leg work you have more time to kick back and think big!

Coming soon...

Marketing on Myspace and Facebook