Promote Your Blog - 3 Different Approaches

There is more than one way to promote a blog. So what is a marketing person to do when the only articles they run into are blogging basics to promote your blog. Well you write your own posts!

In this attempt I will reaveal my own ways to promote your blog without the obvious basics.

  • Marketing Campaigns

No marketing campaigns are not obvious. What's a marketing campaign you ask? It's when you list of all the marketing techniques that you are going to use to promote your blog. Date, objective and budget.

Marketing campaigns are number one and the reason they are No. 1 is because you don't even need a blog yet to start marketing!

Business plans are too formal and if you have one neat-o. You can save them for later if you are going to sell your blog or invest with others for a business venture.

For now a marketing campaign will save your butt. Why? You have something on paper to show potential clients. You test what works and what doesn't and have documentation for reference. You can also pull up the marketing campaigns that worked in the past. Write notes for ones that bombed and avoid them at all costs.

Some of your marketing campaigns will be better than others but you need documentation of your marketing activities and efforts. Investors are not going to care about your blogging mission and your hopes for your blog. They want to know how you got traffic and which forms of advertising brought in the bucks.

Marketing campaigns keep you focused on the big picture and that is to make money!

  • Slush Articles

I just made that term up for a concept that already exists. Maybe it has another name that I don't know about.

A Slush article is the same as a slush fund. For those of you unfamiliar with a slush fund, that is the extra money used for entertainment or business purposes. Taking clients out to dinner, sending them gift baskets, giving them box seats to a sporting event, rewarding your employees with an elaborate party, anything that is a 'thank you' in a way. Public relations money is another good term.

It's money that was left over if you got a deal on advertising or didn't use up the budget of your marketing campaign.

Slush articles are leftover information. Not the meat of the business but a little extra in case you're interested and a way of saying "Thank you". Give away free stuff!

This is a marketing site and there are three ways to do this. Well take this post 'promoting your blog' as an example. One way is to do a post with links entirely of ways to promote your blog. The trick is to make sure it is a niche post and has lots of keywords.

Promote Your Blog
by Jordan Pearce

Heres a quick list of articles to promote your blog:

99 Ways to Promote Your Blog
99 Ways to promote your blog. Wow!

RSS Feeds by Alexa Rank
Awesome list on relevant RSS feeds. Wow!

The Ten Commandments of Blogging
Divine ways to bring in traffic. Cool!

Web 2.0 Sites by Page Rank
Do follow sites to plant your linkbait. Sweet!


The second, use slush articles that are soley ways to promote your blog. Write or borrow ten articles with all different types of keywords, all worded differently and all with different links.

Let these articles sit. You don't even have to promote them (ironically) or make them come up on the main portion of your blog, archive or recent posts. These are the posts that the search engines will pick up if they are niche enough.

Write 10 articles on 10 different niche subjects and that is 100 pages of advertising.

Ideally you want to use slush articles before you actually start a blog. In fact you can start a blog entirely of slush articles.

Don't annoy your RSS fans. Leak your slush posts when you do your normal posting. Instead of three posts per week sneak in one or two slush articles in relation with your normal posts. Readers will just see it as extra information and if its duplicate they will just pass over it anyway.

Don't flood your blogs! That pisses people off and they will unsubscribe.

  • Reverse Email Engineering

I put out numerous ads all over the Internet (because I have good marketing campaign habits) not only to promote my blogs but to promote your blog too!

When I get emails from those ads, I answer each relevant one individually and I never have to ask them to promote my blog. They already tell me they are going to do it for me! Sweet! That is the nature of people. We are all inherently good and want to help each other out.

My whole intention to receiving emails is to promote others.. So you give you get. I never give with the expectation of getting but normally I get an exchange or free advertising in one form or another.

So there are three unconventional ways to promote your blog that are rarely talked about.


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