10 Ways to Market Your Blog Using Entrecard

If you haven't signed up for Entrecard yet you're truly missing out. Entrecard is an electronic business card that you pass around to other EC "card holders".

You earn spendable advertising credits by "dropping your card" on other card holder sites. You can also earn credits when EC users advertise on your EC widget.

The more EBC (Electronic Business Cards) that are dropped on you, the higher your value is raised for others to advertise on your site.

Entrecard is a tremendous opportunity not only to get traffic to your site but to also rub elbows with some high profile and up and coming authors in the blog sphere. It's one more way to add valuable content to your site while marketing yourself at the same time.

Why not go above and beyond what your widget has to offer?

Here are a few ways to take advantage of using Entrecard.

  1. Write an exclusive post for those who advertise on your site.
  2. Throw a contest and give away Entrecard credits as the prize.
  3. Ad your advertisers to your most used social networking and bookmarking sites.
  4. Write a thank you email to your advertisers. (Sound silly? Think again.)
  5. Do a blog post on the benefits of advertising on your EC widget.
  6. Add repeat or relevant advertisers to your blog roll.
  7. Leave comments on other EC members blogs.
  8. Look through EC member sites and see what posts you could speed link to.
  9. Give away your own free advertising for the day to frequent EC advertisers.
  10. On your advertising page list EC credits as a form of payment.
(What other ways can you market with Entrecard that are not listed here?

Leave a comment with your Entrecard marketing idea, your name and a link to your site and and I will link to you from this post!)

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  1. The last day or I've been wondering what I could do for other EC'ers, you have just solved that with some good ideas, thank you.

  2. Actually I hadn't thought of that. My next contest I will be giving away an iPod and I will throw in 100 EC credits. That will be fun. Great idea.

  3. Superspice BTMM will be six months old in mid January.

    I'll be selling advertising in January for around $10 a month but that dollar amount will increase as my traffic keeps going up and my Alexa rank kicks in.

    As far as Entrecard credits maybe around the same amount that Entrecard will be asking for to advertise on my widget.

    If I were to take EC credits today it would be 38 credits since that is how much it is to get on my EC widget.

    Thanks for asking! Check back for advertising or sign up in advanced for advertising.


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  4. I've only recently heard of EC, so finding this post was very timely. Since I've just moved over to Wordpress, I'm more interested in EC now than before. Thanks a lot for this info!

  5. I take advantage of Entrecard like no tomorrow :D

    Free Reviews DAILY!

  6. Great Ideas. I've been writing a separate post thanking my Entrecard Advertisers and listing them in the event people missed their banners the first time around.

  7. wow cool tips because i just became a member of entrecard i will certainly use these to get the most out of my services with them


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