30 Free RSS Feed Directories

Recently I had to re-do my RSS feed information and although I had 200+ subscribers not everyone is going to follow or they may even unsubscribe.

This week I had to launch a quick and dirty RSS feed campaign to boost my subscriber list again.

This list of RSS feed directories is specific to free, no logins, subscriptions or reciprocals, all have decent Alexa rankings and the links go directly to their RSS feed submit pages.

No RSS feed site guarantees a listing even if you do subscribe or reciprocate links so this list is a quick way to merely suggest your RSS feed.

If you need more in depth RSS feed directory info look in the resources at the end of this post along with some other cool RSS feed tricks to get subscribers.

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List updated: 04/14/09

  • 30 Free RSS Feeds Directories
Blog Bunch
Blog Catalog
Blog Intro
Blog Listing
Blog Pulse
Boing Boing
Daytime News
Feed24 (Unavailable service)
Feed Fury
Feed Base
Feed Bomb - Submit from category.
Feed Map
Feed See
Find RSS
Fyber Search
Ice Rocket
Jordo Media
Million RSS
Octora - (Adsense page)
Paid Directory - This free. No really.
Press Radar (Currently needs email submission.)
RSS Feeds :( No workies.
RSS Micro
RSS Motron
Search 4 RSS
Solar Warp
(No longer accepting submissions.)

RSS Feed Tips & Tricks
  • Get your site indexed in search engines quickly by submitting your RSS feed.
  • Stumble and bookmark your RSS feed page.
  • Don't forget to ask your readers to subscribe.
  • Add a sticky blurb about RSS subscriptions at the top of your posts.
  • When leaving comments on blogs that "do-follow" add your RSS feed URL.
  • Have an RSS contest in which you offer prizes to the 50th, 100th or th 1000th subscriber.
  • Provide several options (buttons, links, email) to subscribe to your RSS feed on your site and in your posts.
  • Remind readers to subscribe so as not to miss important contest or group info.
  • Use your RSS feed url in your email and forum signature.
  • Place aggregator chicklets in plain site on your front page or within posts.
  • Display your RSS feed from a Del.icio.us account.
  • Swap RSS feeds with other bloggers by starting an RSS roll.
  • Add your RSS feed to Entrecard and display the widget on your feed page.
  • If you are a guest blogger or do article marketing add your RSS feed page to your bio.
  • Google Reader offers a way to share your RSS list with your friends...don't forget to subscribe to your own list!

List Resources:
Blogger Barter: Syndicate Your Blog
Master News Media: RSSTop55 - Best Blog Directory and RSS Submission Sites
Business Blogger: Blog RSS Promotion in 30 Minutes
45 Working Sites to Quickly Submit Your Blog


  1. You know, I really don't emphasize my RSS feed enough. I guess I should start doing that.
    When you say your RSS Feed page, do you just mean the page that pops up when someone clicks your RSS feed button?

    Question: Don't you hate that Blogger now doesn't allow using non Blogger urls in the signature?

  2. Yes that is the RSS feed page I am referring to. :)

    Advertisers are looking at RSS subscribers and Alexa rank these days. It is important to balance out when to leave a backlink or an RSS url.

    Now that Blogger doesn't allow follow tags hotlinks in the comments is a great place to drop RSS.

    I wouldn't feel bad about link baiting because most people who use Blogger are going to be sympathetic.

    Thanks for commenting. :)

    Jordans Blog
    Jordans Feed

  3. I still donot know that much about RSS feed even tho I have 1 on my two blogs it's complicated to me lol there is enuff for new bloggers to learn any other tips pass em on ta'

  4. Another cool new feed directory is:


    This one allows free submissions and has a nice clean categorized directory.

  5. i found one RSS directory that free submission. It's pr3.
    Please check it out : http://www.rssaround.com/

  6. No wonder there are so many RSS submission directories.Anyway,thanks for sharing the list!

  7. Thank you for this list. I would also suggest Blogotion and MyBlog2U - it is not a great deal of traffic but some people really use those two.

  8. nice lists of rss feed directories i will certainly submit my feed to these directories i haven't heard 20 of these and will submit to them thanks for this useful post

  9. Thanks for list sharing with us.Good rss directories are listed here to submit.


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