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Since I've fallen off the radar for a minute I thought I would do a quick post with some useful links and info.

Doing some keyword research on my own blog I ran into some good 'do follow' directories. For blogs check out the Do Follow Blogs Site Directory and Blogs that Follow. Submit your link now!

In the past few weeks I've had limited time in front of the keyboard. Every chance I get I comment on other blogs, drop Entrecards and do keyword research.

Find your three favorite fall back options for marketing so in the event of life getting in the way of blogging you are still generating traffic and keeping in the blogging loops.

Do you have a Do Follow blog with a PR 3 or higher? Leave your link in the comments and you will be added to my Do Follow list on another site.

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  1. great directory

    i've submitted my link to them as well and there's almost no waiting!

  2. Great post Jordan! I'll make sure to submit my blog to them.

    "Dofollow" is so important; why else do we have the Net structured in the way it is? We have real people posting real comments.

    We just have to get rid of all that junk out there these days, but that is doable.

    And yes, my blog has PR3 and "dofollow" activated since its birth. ;-)

    Take care!


  3. I have gotten a lot of traffic from Courts D-list post.

  4. Thanks for the resources - our blogs are all dofollow

  5. Hi,
    Mine are do follow blogs.
    and are both pr 3

  6. hello,

    Does G penalize do-follow blogs?

    How to make blogspot blog do-follow?


  7. I am just learning about the "do-follow movement" and I think it's something that I need to start adding to my blogs too!

  8. Hi Jordan:

    I'm glad I ran across your post. Sad reality is I had no idea my blog was a no-follow until I signed up for a paid post program. That's when I learned what it meant and am happy to say I now have do-follow and a PR3 blog.


  9. That are some really useful websites, thanks for sharing!

  10. Thank you for the directories, they come in handy someday.

  11. Hey thanks for the directories. Just what I was looking for :)

    So thanks really appreciate it.


  12. Blogging and commenting is one of the ways to go when doing link building.

    Directories are over their golden age but it's a big mistake to overlook them.

    Many SEO experts are saying "forget directories" but they don't forget them when you enquiry for a quote on their SEO services :)

  13. How do we check if the blog is a "do follow"?

  14. My blog Election News is Do Follow. Please link to me and feel free to comment in my blogs


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