Internet Marketing Strategy: Ron Paul Revolution

I'm on a big Ron Paul kick this week and go figure since I'm an Internet and marketing addict the online appeal is obvious. Not only that I've been a Libertarian since I was a kid (unknowingly) and live the lifestyle and support the ideas of Libertarian life since then.

This post is not to persuade you to become a Libertarian, Republican or Independent or to promote the Ron Paul Revolution but for you to observe and learn from some of the tactics his camp has deployed as a political Internet phenomenon.

Here is a great article with lots of stats: Internet Marketing - The Amazing Ron Paul

There are some old school SEO tactics at the Ron Paul website but probably their best achievement online so far are numerous Ron Paul Revolution videos and their use of social networking sites like Youtube, Myspace, Facebook and the bloggers and webmasters who spontaneously want to get the word out.

Hubpages: Ron Paul Revolution

Another part of the campaign success are the Ron Paul Meetups and the scheduled Ron Paul Money Bomb.

'Money Bomb': Ron Paul Raises $6 Million in a 24 hour Period

(Note: The Ron Paul campaign did not raise the $4 million, a dedicated Ron Paul supporter did.)

Some of his principles from supporters are 'no brainer' tactics like:

"If they want to do away with the IRS now is the time to prove it..." Life in Motion on donating to the Ron Paul Money Bomb on February 1st, 2008. (Also the Pauls 51st wedding anniversary and supporters are encouraged to donate $51.00.)

"US Military "forced" to Vote Ron Paul...Military members are required, by oath, to "support and defend the contstitution..." From Ron Paul Money Bomb Weblog being Ron Paul is a strict constitutionalist.

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.-- (Malcom X) and that is what our current government is hoping for..." From Ron Paul Revolution on Hubpages on sticking to and fighting for an individuals personal liberties, values and principles.

What you can learn from the Ron Paul Internet campaign and as far as marketing and what can you apply to your own business or blog?

What can you organize online and off to get more people involved in your marketing efforts? Can you come up with your own 'money bomb' or 'traffic bombs' to earn more cash from services, affiliate programs or ppc ads?


  1. Yeah, his online campaigns are awesome. We can learn a lot from them. Unfortunately, most people are still watching more TV than surfing the Net. ;-)

  2. Here is a really good blog post on how the mainstream media is ignoring the success of Ron Paul again and what can be done about it:

    The Super Tuesday Winner

  3. great post!!!
    I learned a lot!


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