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Job Listings
Are you looking to hire a freelancer? Please contact me with your name and phone number to discuss the specifics. Our rates are very affordable for advertisers and we also offer package deals for recurring job listings.

Blog Stats
Gloogle Page Rank - 2
Alexa Ranking -
Technorati - 24
Back Links - 1094
Indexed Links - 1700
Newsletter Subscribers - 1200+
RSS Subscribers - 250+


  1. wow- did you just happen to look up those stats just now? doesn't the alexa change constantly? is it a widget that makes it accurate, of did i catch it right after you did it? Anyhow, I can't wait to read more. If you have a monetized blog who hasn't had your pagerank blasted this week, then I am already impressed. thanks for providing this site. i wish you much success. happy blogging!

  2. great going and as regards the page rank it is absolutely great to have this pagerank for money maker blog but i do not see your scratch back ad .. if you had that I would use to advertise my website


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