Link Building Madness

Is Google driving you over the edge with it's fluctuating PR?

As bloggers that is our responsibility but it can certainly be maddening when you've done what you think is nice work only to have Google demote your page rank.

This is not a post to complain but one about taking action: Start link building!

Although I hadn't been posting since March (life gets in the way of blogging sometimes...) my traffic stayed steady and I continued to generate revenue. My PR for BTMM didn't budge (was a PR4 at the beginning of the year and dropped to a PR2.) Although I was still link building as well as my other sites, no site of mine actually increased in the past few weeks. One did drop to a PR3 despite my efforts.

Maybe a good rule as with a lot of other things is -- don't overwork your blog.

Ramping up the back links seems like the way to go until the next PR change. Will part of 2008 be the year of link building?

To be continued...


  1. Sure, don't overwork. While linkbuilding, have an eye on the pr of the websites. a few good links are much better (!) than a lot (and I mean a lot) PR0. Natural linkbuilding is the key...

  2. Hi GPS, what do you mean with "Natural link building" Thank you

  3. hmm interesting
    Its so hard to keep on top of the best way to increase PR
    When will we find the secret??!

  4. It gets a bit overwhelming trying to keep up with google.

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  6. Yes, link builging is very discussed topic...

  7. We go up and down as well. A bloggers life is never simple. I'm on my 3rd keyboard now. 1 from my kid spilling milk on it I guess shouldn't count!

  8. Myrtle Beach condosAugust 15, 2008 at 8:10 PM

    I have some sites that have went from PR5 to PR1 and back to PR3 this year with very few up dates - I even had a site de-indexed for 2 days and then re-indexed. It was kind of weird - my pr went down but my traffic went up?


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