Feng Shui Your Blog

Dork alert!

Yeah I know I was thinking of this post in the past and commented on a marketing article today that explained the importance of color and marketing. (When I find the post I'll link to it!)
Here it is!

This is just a silly post so why feng shui your blog? No reason.

I'm not going to get into the details in this post and if you are familiar with feng shui then you will recognize some of the 'cures'. If you need an explanation on anything leave me a comment and I'll do my best to help you.

Feng shui feeds my superstitious side without going over the top like astrology. I'm not into astrology especially since I used to have a room mate years ago who would advise me not to plan anything or call anyone or GO TO WORK if Mercury was in retrograde...

The best picture I have of astrology is from Pee Wee's Big Adventure and he is standing on the astrology scale in the magic shop. The dial spins to Picses (yay! Picses!) and he gets an astrological fortune: Don't leave the house today.


For my blogs I think of it as feng shui furniture placement, ads should be in specific area or 'bagua' of the blog, my friends list and information or 'resources and knowledge' should go in another. The point of feng shui is the flow of energy to simplify and improve the quality of your life. Here I improve the quality of my blog.

What have I done to feng shui my blog?

1. Dump past post that don't make any sense.

Everyone here reading with a blog has very well thought out blog posts I'm sure. This does not apply to you.

If a post has or had low traffic and no longer holds any intrinsic value for your blog ditch it.

I had a lot of crappy posts in the beginning of some of my blogs. Those posts were almost like a pile of shoes I never wear in the back of the closet. Either re-sole them, or re-write in this case, or off they go!

Clutter is bad chi don't you know.

2. Color scheme.

That's right! One blog I have is schemed in red and it notes attention. The topics are rather spicy and I don't hold back or worry who I offend. So there. It's feng shui.

Here we have green...yes the color of money, also the color of abundance and wisdom. I have some other money blogs that are blazen in gold and yellow-the color combination of wealth.

Purple is bad for design in any case and is probably a good accent color.

Orange is good for grabbing attention but too much yellow is harsh and you'll get nothing but complaints from fellow computer users.

Check out this feng shui color chart and you will also learn what baguas are which leads us too...

3. Proper bagua and placement.

There are 'auspicious' locations in a room when using feng shui so you treat your blog as if it were a map and you plan out what goes where.

I have all the ads in my 'prosperity' or wealth corner, my blog roll and people lists go in the 'helpful people' area of my blog, my email subscription in the 'fame' portion etc...

Is it silly? Yes. Does it work? I don't know. I'm no practicioner and don't live by it but its fun to tinker with the idea.

My blog looks cleaner and is easy to navigate with useful blogging tips scattered around so...

If you ever thought of feng shui'ing your blog, it's true, some people really do it. :)


  1. wow where did you get this man...that is awesome!

  2. @himanshu-I'm glad you like it thanks! :)


  3. LMAO -First time reader of your blog (.... bookmarking now!) I just love it ... and this post, what ever next!

  4. very creative blog post, never seen anything like it, good job!


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