How come when I want to reply to an internal email on a site supposedly unrelated to Google I get the Google Contact page?


Google: Infiltrating websites since 2007.

Comments are appreciated!


  1. wow!! are you sure the website was not related to google?:)

    i'd love to see it too! can you provide the info you entered?

  2. Careful, google is a monster. They control everything.

    Great graphic btw.. where did you get it?

  3. @what to sell on ebay

    I was replying to an internal message to someone on Stumble. The Google Contact page was up and the url read

    Several attempts at hitting the reply link in Stumble kept bringing up Google Contact page!

    I've done searches on Yahoo! and have been redirected to Google as well.

    @mike johnston

    I got it from Google Images. Search phrase: Google. :)


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