The Secrets to Good Blogging

Mainly this blog is commentary and as someone who writes about marketing your blog, although the Internet is vast it can be challenging to find fresh information. Depending on the circles you run in you get a lot of repeat information.

Some of the secrets are how you use typical blog standards to your advantage.

Of course you should be promoting your own blog and products. As you should also be promoting other people and their blogs and products. Which blogs, products or services have helped you out in your blogging?

Let me give some plugs and you'll see these blogs have nothing to do with marketing or blogging per se: Study Hacks, The Blog of Author Tim Ferris, I Will Teach You to be Rich.

Want to really learn about blogging? Learn from blogs that you find in social media. This is a perfect example of people promoting others. Popular articles are popular for a reason because they are clever or have useful information.

Rarely do I ever read blogs about making money as a blogger and I have maybe five blogs that I subscribe to and actually read.

If you are not adapting keywords to your major posts you are dropping the ball. Especially if your highly niched! If you are like me and do some quick blogging here and there make sure at least one or two of your posts a week are keyword enhanced. Sometimes I have come up with good keywords even for quick posts.

I've had some very short posts that get continuous hits over a long period of time simply because of the keywords. I've never even promoted these posts they were mainly there for my readers.

I am ashamed to say that I don't have any particular sites off the top of my head to report on as all my keyword 'intelligence' has come from several sources. Yes this post was written on the fly as I don't specifically do research for a particular post.

There are numerous ways to find keywords and some techniques work better than others. Again it's a combination of what you find and how you use it.

Link Building
And...if you're not building links daily you and your blog are missing out! A good starter to get you building links is the Link Building Cookbook.

What type of products are you selling and do you use what you sell? A lot of the products and services I offer are not promoted on my blogs. Yet my blogs are products that can be used by other people making it a product itself.

If you do like to have products on your blogs, the best endorsements come from users of said product which brings us to...

Word of Mouth
WOM is the most trusted form of advertising among consumers. WOM ties in with products and promotion. Who, what and how are you telling others about your products and services?

Other Peoples Research
Let other people do the work for you. Read up on blogs that YOU like and trust and not necessarily blogs that are the most popular. Some of the more popular blogs will not give you the full story. You'll find some bloggers who stray from the pack do some of the best research, are up to date and have very useful information that they don't mind sharing.

Social networking sites as mentioned in promotion tie in with research. Popular and well thought out blog posts will really help you in your blogging. Pay attention to what some blogs have in common and all you have to do is the leg work for your own blog implementing the techniques.

You have to read between the lines when it comes to blogging since there seems to be an air of highly guarded secrets...and there's not.

Is this old information? Yes! And it is information that works. Use what works!

Some questions to ask yourself:

What are some blogs that you have found use a combination of techniques to the secrets to good blogging?

What can you do for your own blog to implement some of these techniques?

Did this blog post help you in any way? In what way?

Please leave your feedback to the questions in the comment section. :)

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