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Win a date with Jordan Pearce.

You wish!

This is one of those long, hot and heavy posts and I hope it is as good for you as it is for me writing it.

Sex in marketing has it's ups and downs, it's in's and outs, that is not a typo, and it's all about spreading the word. No, not the word I know your thinking about!

Sex in marketing has also been perversing the term 'Bow-chica-wow-wow' to the point of being either desensitizing or just plain wrong.

Before I get to the sexy blogging part, were going to go on a date and I'm going to tell you all about myself. Girls listen up too.

Some of you may yawn and order a double to get through this biopic hoping I rush through the girl-babble so we can move on to more tantalizing subjects.

Others will cling to every word that rolls off my fingertips as if I have something really important to say about marketing. You will attempt to get me back to your place so we can play a mean game of chess or the video game of your liking. Either one works for me so here goes.

Most people think that I am a man.

Okay sorry! No guy wants to hear that on a first date!

Let me explain.

1. Generally women are not expected to write about marketing.

Perhaps that might be a serious over-generalization.

I've had comments about this blog ranging from "this guy really knows his stuff" to "Jordan is the man!" The latter is my favorite.

2. Jordan is not my real name.

I chose to be androgynous because I used to write dating articles.

What? You say you don't want to hear that on a first date either? Damn. I'm really striking out here. Yet I have confidence I will recover and you'll be eating out of the palm of my hand soon.

The name Jordan popped up (boiiiiong...! Couldn't resist.) because I didn't want to come across as another Carrie Bradshaw wannabe so I left the whole gender thing up in the air.

It worked and the name Jordan just stuck.

3. I've been accused of being a bot on numerous occasions.

I'm too sexy for my blog and that's no gloat. That's a promise.

My Myspace page is nothing special so you wont get a glimpse of me in lingere or get to question if they are silicone or not.

Unfortunately my profile pics are more realistic so I'm not labeled a spammer. Isn't that sad? I can't even use my own picture!

You'll understand in some later comments how images of barely clad woman have ransacked marketing on the Internet. Even if its an e-book on e-commerce there is bound to be a picture of a tart-like lady close by.

My problem is this: I'd rather been seen for my mind blah, blah, blah insert girly plight here. For my sister readers let me share an important lesson I've learned--make sure your skills surpass your looks.

I've been been called, crafty, sharp, full of integrity, having a good work ethic (funny I don't have a job), and a maniac because I have many uncommon skills in the arts.

Consider me to be like a Tim Ferris type. Ok I'm not that extreme how about Tim Ferris lite.
(I still swear I'm a femme!) I read he is going to Burning Man and I give cheap fire eating lessons.

Also I'm year of the Rat (what's your sign?) and their motto is "I'll try anything once." Sexy no?

My interests are philosophy, speech, video, writing, working and writing for film, marketing, politics and the psychology of everything under the sun.

So then how come I dress like I think I just got off a photo shoot (hee hee. I said 'got off'!) or I'm ready to go clubbing at two in the afternoon?

No reason.

Now on to the sexy part!
What's does Jordan have to do with sex? Well a lot actually. Wait scratch that...

Last week I was wondering should I say screw it ramp up the sex appeal in my marketing for what I do. Maybe not here but on other blogs. Ironically I came across an interesting site.

Let me introduce you to Diana at

FYI and letting the Carrie B. take over this is what women do we match-make so this is Diana Sabrain everybody. Please be polite.

This girl has more guts than I because as some of you know I still like to hide behind a camera in my profiles. Diana has put one of the most important aspects of out in the open for everyone to see. (Did I just really type that? Actually I typed something else then remembered this site is PG.)

No, Diana has more class than the image that I so sinfully dropped like a juicy cherry bomb on the minds of my male readers. Her site and pictures are very tasteful. She is smart, cute and sexy as hell! Not to mention the girl has got personality and she knows marketing!

So is sexy blogging an unfair advantage that women have?

1. Men use pics of women in bikinis to market their profiles and affiliate sites. So Diana is absolutely right that women have the advantage.

2. Women don't use their sexy enough and some let men exploit it!

Okay some women use too much sexy and some have no business using sexy. If you don't have a license for sexy learn to drive the sexy-mobile so as not to crash it into on coming web traffic. M'kay.

Some Sexy Examples
If you've watched Celebrity Apprentice know that I was rooting for Piers all the way. Okay he is not that sexy to you...I love him for his mind dammit.

He brought up an excellent point that team weakness was not using their celebrity enough.

Piers urged to focus on Carol Alt on a certain campaign for two reasons...her celebrity and she is incredibly sexy! Both worked.

On another episode of The Apprentice girls on one team dressed like sexy Double-Mint twins in short skirts and tank tops to pass out fliers for a promo.

Another female contestant on an opposing team decided she was going to compete and literally do some show-booty-business and not surprisingly heard the famous words from the Donald himself: "You're fired!"

Let me point out a very important lesson here.

There is a difference between competing and being competitive.

Competing is when you think you are better than someone. Hence the girl who showed her ass-ets to New York on national television. Her attempt to sexiness was, well, embarassing and she got the booty, er, I mean the boot.

She could have pulled off too, but she had what's called a Sexy Fail.

Being competitive is when you are the best that you can be and you capitalize on it. That would be Carol Alt and twins I mentioned on The Apprentice. Sure Piers exploited a little and did it in such a way that was in good taste.

If you ain't got no on it.

Staying competitive and no more competing is everyone's mantra from here on out.

My question is this: Are male marketers who use sex competing with women by using female images to peddle online goods?

Women do it better I will so boldly say. Why? When men advertise in such a way sometimes there is no mystery involved. get your sexy on or not.

One last lesson! SALES.

What did I reveal the most here today? Personality. This goes for guys too. Sell yourself (not your butt or anyone elses)
and you will have the advantage of credibility.

I will leave my women readers with some valuable information...are you ready?




Well I had fun on this date and should be going now. Hopefully I'll hear from you soon because I had a good time talking about myself. Ha ha. Call me sometime any way ok?

You know you want me.

Comments? Concerns? What do you think about this post, Diana's site or if I should bare it all or not? Just kidding that wont happen. I'm such a tease.

Please post what you think in the comments section and subscribe to Dianas site


  1. Really Great post and i Agree about you using Lady approach toward Marketing and blog Promotion, I would write about this on my Blog too..

  2. Hi Jordan! Didn't know you blogged about my site! Thank you for discussing this topic on your blog!

    Now speaking of using SexyFemaleMarketing in your blog, where's your picture!?

    That's a start towards building confidence to be more active towards social media and also crazy traffic to your site. ;)

    Thank you for the support and I'll be back soon!

    Take Care!


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