Blog Action Day: What Else You Can Do

Blog Action Day 08 is about poverty.

What can we do TODAY to reverse poverty for as many people possible?

Give Away Money: It's not your money to begin with so just get rid of it.

I was fortunate to meet a philanthropist yesterday and the subject came up that although I donate 20% to charity he said I should learn to become rich and donate less since he tithes well under 10%. I can imagine his donations far exceed what I make in a year!

The idea is to sink more money into making money so that you can GIVE AWAY MORE MONEY.

Get Rich Slowly - Daily Links: 200 Comments Edition
I got a lot out of this simple and random post the other day and wanted to share.

There are number of stories that are touched on from stashing cash and that making charitable contributions can make you rich.

My comments were: Philanthropy is your rent for occupying a place in society. (If you know where this term comes from please let me know.)

There is also great advice on how to get rich as well as an inspirational story told by Mark Cuban Sucess and Motivation how he went from a computer sales clerk to owning the Dallas Mavericks. (see comment #11)

We can't stop there we have to do more...start living like you're rich and...

Give Away Time: Time is the one thing that is yours that you can control.

Manage your time for a good cause.

Got a few weeks or a month to spare? Do you have vacation time coming up? Instead of wasting money on commercial items you could travel in or out of the country and volunteer.

I like the idea of volunteering at an orphanage because children don't care about money and that is not what they need. They need hugs and people to look up to make them strong.

Children are not the only ones that need to see a smiling face for inspiration. If you don't have a week or even a day, volunteer a few hours at your local food bank or teach a person to read, cook or budget.

Lend a Hand: Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Poverty happens in nice neighborhoods too. Reversing poverty is about lifting peoples spirits and letting them know there is a way out and that there are individuals out there to help.

Do you have a neighbor that is less fortunate that needs a house repair, furniture, clothing or food. Are there children or elderly involved? Can you watch a child for an hour or so or drive an an elder to the supermarket to shop? Is someone in your family in debt to you and can you resolve part or all of the debt?

I won't give out names but a member of the blogging community needed ideas to sell a book to make a mortgage payment. Not only did they get ideas but a lot of folks purchased the book and helped promote it.

If you would like a more detailed picture of poverty in America see this Blog Action Day link at - Fighting Poverty in the U.S.

I have always come across the debate that some people do not want to help other countries since there are problems in their own country to deal with. I say to those people it is personal preference. They should stay on the home front and help out as other see the U.S. as a place of tremendous opportunity whereas other countries really could use the aid no matter where it comes from.

To me it's heartbreaking knowing that I pass many people on a daily basis and not know their struggles and even tougher to know that there are people we will never be able to help because of laws and restrictions set by their countries leader.

What can you do as soon as you're done reading this post to help fight poverty? Research a way to give, donate a check, research and make an appointment to volunteer, get active in city hall or create information to help individuals better help themselves and to help others.

Poverty should never be looked at as 'that's just the way it is'. It doesn't have to be that way so I encourage people to help inspire not just today but in the upcoming weeks and beyond to use resources and make a priority of serving their community not just at home but beyond.

Get Rich Slowly - Get rich and give away money to a good cause!
Mark Cuban = Total Maverick!
Warm Blankets - Orphanage info site that was started by a friend of a friend.
Hopelink - Organization that runs food banks and community education programs in WA state. - Poverty comes down to community. Educate yourself.


  1. I really liked your point about how philanthropy is the payment for our place in society - I completely agree.


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