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I'm only going to post this once so pay attention...

Looking over to the lower right of the posts I'll be adding to a list of 'Tools' that I use on a regular basis for building all my blogs.

As time goes on more tools will be added as I probably won't be able to post every single do-dad I use. These are generally posts from other bloggers that I see as useful. I'm letting my subscribers know as some may pass up the tools list as I probably would too if no one told me about it.

If you have a list, firefox plugin, or something or rather that you or someone you know created, leave me a comment or hit up my contact page. I'll review it to see if it's a good match for the tools area.

Let me know if you find some links to be particularly handy for your blog.

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  3. I'll be waiting for the list of tools. Thanks


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