Blog Money Series: Writing Articles and Other Ways to Get Paid

Blog Money Series: Writing Articles

There are many ways that you can get paid to write articles and sorry I didn't save the best for last as this will probably be where a lot of your money comes from.

SEO Articles - I get random emails that say 'please take a look at my site. How much?' as in what could I do to improve their web page and how much is it going to cost them. The first thing I would offer any company or website is to write a bunch of SEO articles for them in their niche and place them on their site somewhere. These are articles from scratch so you can charge more for this type of written material for any type of website.

SEO Articles Lite - Go over a websites copy or their pre-existing articles and re-write them. I find a lot of offers to re-write certain types of articles because they need updated keywords mainly, better placement and believe it or not fewer word count. Keep it simple and re-write articles, posts, and make improvements in copy if you can because it will be less work for you.

Write a Review - There are a few ways you can do this. If you have slammin' traffic you can charge decent money to post a review on your site or blog. Blogs work best for this. You can also write a stockpile of reviews for a company and they will do the marketing. This comes down to copy. You can offer this to a prospect if they haven't thought of it yet. They may know all about the marketing aspects and they just need people to write for them.

Get Paid to Blog - Guest blogging. These are not things you should be doing for free. I understand that guest blogging is to swap traffic and introduce one audience to another. Too many people take advantage of this and exploit guest blogging as people should be paying for you to write for them. Did you know that one of the largest blogs that brings in the most money does not pay their bloggers? They are relying on the sole pleasure you will have blogging for them. Whatever! Don't blog for free that is not what you are here for and there are better ways to get exposure without selling yourself short.

Ebooks - If you can write and ebook for someone they will pay you handsomely for it. Some people don't want to monkey around with the writing and adding links portion because they want to make money in other ways. So learn how to deal with PDF's and incorporating the good links from your clients site and they may ask you write another ebook for them.

Press Releases - This by far is the easiest and if you do this well it can be an on going service. I'd charge monthly and decide what the maximum press releases you are willing to do for x amount of money. This is only to write the press release and not distribution. Easy stuff.

Mainly I use my blog as if it were a business card and to show examples of my work. The writing portions are different from the marketing and SEO (sometimes incorporated) and viral marketing but that is how it goes. Those are extra or upsale services. Make sure you decide what it is you want to get paid for and make that your primary focus. What else do you do well that maybe you are not in love with the idea but you offer a service that will benefit others. I want to get paid to write so that is what I do and since I know a fair amount of SEO I'm able to charge a little more.

Questions? Comments? Agree or disagree? Go for it! This is what has worked for me so I'd like to know if you benefit from it. :)


  1. Hello,

    This list you provide is one of the best across the web. The simply awesome blog, which covers new trends and dimensions Nice description. I am familiar with most of them but still they are in good description so that everyone can understand it well.

  2. I am not a good writer but still I am receiving a lot of clients. There is money in writing especially if you know how to maintain a good relationship with your customers.

  3. @fillimsitesi thank you!

    @MarbleHost you bring up a great point that Gatwich mentions too if you can explain things well with your writing people will hire you.

    @Gatwich keep on writing (for money)! You get better the more your write and read. :)

  4. interesting article.thanks.hope to get more such tips from you .

  5. All great ideas for way to make money. There is a HUGE market for content writer out there.

  6. Great tips. I definitely agree that you shouldn't blog for free. The whole purpose is to make money so there should be a significant gain. By doing paid reviews or selling your articles is the better way to go.


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