Make Money Blogging

To make money blogging you have to stray from the blog pack.

I'm not a techy guru when it comes to blogging but I know some good marketing tricks that will help you!

1. Have More Than One Money Making Blog

It's what Ron Benwell calls a "blog empire" in his book Blogging to the Bank 2.0.

Mr. Shoemoney too it has been said, made his money through a blogging empire by having many quality blogs that all collect money along the way.

Start several niche blogs, build some traffic, maybe hire others to write for you and then start some more. You can even use services that generate daily information to your blog for you.

Play around with ads, ad placement and affiliate programs until you get it right then create another blog!

2. Advertise offline

Don't underestimate the power of the classified ads. It may cost you, (unless you do it online) but can be well worth the exposure if you do it right.

Make business cards or flyers offering how to or even sell your blogging services. Small business owners would love this if you charge a small fee to maintain their business blog for them on a regular basis.

Ever see those billboards on the inside of a bathroom stall? Someone actually paid to advertise there! Mostly I see it as a good place to stick a few business cards of my own...

3. Offer Lessons

Give a class at your community center or college and blog about blogging on your site and/or give a Power Point or white board presentation.

Make a video of yourself giving weekly or monthly lessons on some ways you have found that make your blog earn money.

Blogtv or a chat room client like Gabbly are both excellent tools for creating a classroom.

Probably the best lessons are sent through email so get your list going and send your skills out in the form of a news letter.

Include some of your affiliate links that are pertainent to your lessons.

4. Write an Ebook

Gather all your know how and compile it into a book that you can sell online.

Go to and make a print or ebook version for... FREE...!

Create your own ebook in the many pages of your blog. You will get many repeat visitors if you give current information that people can actually use.

Yes this is aside from your daily blogging.

You're blogging daily right?

5. Start Your Own Web, blog or Article Directory

Post your own links in your blogrolls or pose them as clickable banners or text links and link them to each other.

You can also gain revenue through carefully placed ads on all of your websites (non-blogs) and your blogs and articles can always be featured or front paged anytime you want.

6. Write Articles...for FREE...

You don't need to post to article directories. Gather or write a handful of your own articles and give your content away free including your blogs URL in a resource box.

Be creative as to where you can donate your information to: forums, classified ads, another blog advertising free articles!

Be creative and think of other ways rather than what everyone else is doing to make money blogging!


  1. I have been doing the article syndication thing for 6 months now, and have found many cases of the article resource box being entirely left off. I'd say not even 50% of the pick-ups run with the resource box. In many cases, too, even my name was removed. One case I uncovered was where the plaigerizer even substituted my name for another as author.

    Needless to say, I am little disenchanted with article marketing.

  2. I can relate Jack! It's a bum deal when you spend a lot of time on your work and some one comes along and tries to take credit for it.

    There are two posts you should check out:

    A Marketing Article for Article Marketing

    Direct Traffic: Submit Your Free Re-print Articles

    They don't address the online plagerism issue, so maybe that is a future topic! In the post it explains to own your work for a number of reasons.

    When I article market I only let go of writing not of lesser quality but articles that I'm not entirely attatched to.

    If you have any suggestions on the second post let me know.

    Thanks for commenting Jack!



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