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Crystal Happiness
Okay this is old news but what the hell was up with Twitter last week? I don't criticize the hacker I find fault in lame ass passwords.

It's 2009 here folks. Highly qualified people are scrounging for employment, and although I love Twitter and don't know 'Crystal' or the Twitter admin personally but FTW? Let's hope this did not hurt any chances they have for funding.

Yes I openly admit that is my comment on the article. Obviously!!!

Wake up lame password holders!

Mr. Tweet
What a gent he is and a hard worker too. :)

If you haven't hired Mr. Tweet yet give him a shot.

He makes suggestions who in your followers list you might want to follow back. This was highly useful for me as I also liked the suggestions of who I should follow 'outside my network'.

Although there are a few people who are big names on Twitter I refuse to follow because they suffer OTS = Over Tweet Syndrome, I have found some great new Twitter'ers to follow from Mr. Tweets advice.

Thank you Mr. Tweet!

Follow Mr. Tweet on Twitter

Twitter'er of the Week
Drum roll please...! Baddabaddabaddabba....

Alexandra aka Earthshod is Twitter'er of the week!

Ordained clergy, tea leaf reader, Twitter user! Check out her site as she is based in Washington State: - Book a Crystal Ball reading!

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  1. This is one I haven't tried yet. I'll give Mr Tweet a shot. Thanks.

  2. did the Twitter Admin change his password to "sadness" after he was hacked? haha... ok not funny

  3. You actually made me doubly interested on twitter. I'd check it around sometime. Or maybe now.

  4. Twitter is good for exposure. Keep in mind that unless you have oodles of followers it's decent for traffic. Keep on Twitter'in'!


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