5 Ways to Get Noticed in Social Media

Online Reputation Management or ORM: Do you speak it?

Why not optimize yourself for the social media arena?

1. Be First
No. I don't mean always trying to be first to comment on a big blog. There is a name for such brazen behavior and it's dammed annoying! Just be first. Not:


The main reason some people don't want to be first in anything is because they want to see what everyone else is going to do first. Are you a leader or a follower? You can answer this question for yourself. Which do you want to be known as?

PROS: You will always be in the forefront if you brand yourself correctly and are not out of control about being first. (See Brand Yourself.)

CONS: Others may view you as having no life but who cares what they say. You're a leader so this really isn't a con. It's called passion!

Unless you're one of those passionate commenter types well then you just have to live with yourself.

2. Brand Yourself
Be distinguishable. Make your blog well known for tools and tactics and how you use them. Make your blog known for a certain type of medium, source or style. Be the go-to guy or girl for said medium.

Be a real person about it. Make sure everyone knows what you look like...online at least. Can someone look at your Web site, blog, logo, avatar or photo and call you or your business by name? Make it so!

PROS: Instant recognition and often times credibility. Consumers and readers think 'What would so-and-so do in a situation like this?' when you have taken the time to build rapport and branding.

CONS: If you are known for misinformation or being difficult to work with branding will not do you any favors. Think 'passionate commenter'. Oh it's you...again...

3. Brag
This has to do with number #1 and being first. You like how I did that? Number one, being first? It's first on the list? Get it?

Even though bragging is #3 you should be #1! Start getting used to #1.

What have you done and how did you do it? Give case studies or better yet have others allow others to do the bragging for you.

PROS: You are not afraid to be first and people are mesmerized when you told them how you ate the last cookie or got extra the shampoos and soaps from a nice hotel you stayed at. You may have lost the golf game but you picked up a big contract out of the deal and got tons of free booze to boot! You can probably downplay some of that but you get the gist.

Proudly list your accomplishments, awards, credentials, freebies, miscellaneous what not. When done right people will watch what you do.

CONS: Whack jobs brag on and on and their accomplishments offer no solutions. Leaders are diverse and have depth. Arrogance believes it is the only #1 out there. Not so. Get over it. No braggarts allowed!

Sorry I got a bit heated there. It's been a long time since I've run into any crazies online but I'm sure they're out there lurking behind a keyboard somewhere. Everyone is their own little Universe and is their own #1. Remember that. Always.

4. Be a Spammer

Last week the Internet witnessed a widely publicized post from a highly respected tech blog bashing a respected (not anymore) PR person out of New York. The person in question was accused of being a spammer. In their defense they replied that, that is how they do business, if the practice was considered too much, there were other PR people to deal with.

I love it!

What I have noticed is that it is only okay to be a spammer if you are loved and adored but if nobody knows who you are or your seen as rotten then you are a dirt and deserved to be treated as such.

PROS: Spamming gets the job done if it's done right. Make sure people are in love and admiration with you before you set out to be #1 and get the word out.

Just kidding. Learn to spam properly and you should be okay.

Pretty people call spam *promotion*. Hey! It's a marketing thing.

The difference between someone who networks and someone who does PR is that PR is paid to spam if necessary, by the hour, salary or by contract and bonuses.

Networkers make connections and build relationships.

Some people are networkers and call themselves PR. Some are PR and call themselves newtorkers. It all pans out in the end.

CONS: If you do it wrong and especially if you have hate groups developed because you are a PR drone: You're a spammer. You will always be a spammer until the end of time. Don't you know only cool people are allowed to "promote"?

Change your name, move to another planet. You have been voted off the Internet.

Am I gossiping? Maybe a little. It's only gossip if you name names.

5. Gossip
Take the above as an example. Do you love to gossip? If you do, find a small group of cyber-pals to do it with or at least tell it to your cat.

If you must do it publicly stay to the point and keep the gripes to a minimum. Unless something is considered waywardly grotesque etiquette from someone who really gives a rats-behind.

If you must 'speak your mind' as it is so eloquently put by pretty people, exhibit a little bit of class if at all possible.

PROS: Bonding. Lots, and lots of bonding with other gossips and/or your cat.

CONS: People will quietly gang up on you, ignore you, gossip behind your back and hack your stuff. (For all you George Carlin fans...You know what STUFF means.) (Oh a Kat Williams fan? "That's my stuuuuf...!"

What would a 5 Ways to Get Noticed in Social Media post be without some bonus tips? :)

Bonus: Ass Kissing
Appreciation. Contribution. Remember those two words. Always.

"I love you so-and-so..."

"And I you, adoring fan..."

The Internet is a level playing field. There is as much opportunity for you, as there was for someone who now knows more than you do at the moment.

The Internet. It's kind of like real life, only it involves not having one. Ass kissing. Unnecessary. They say office jobs are for suckers. So is brown nosing.

Name dropping? Same difference.

The Bonus Bonus:
"My BFF knows someone who know's a BFF of (blank). "

"(Blank) glared at me in the elevator...I think they are going to sign the deal."

"Oh (Blank) and I go way back, they used to go to the same coffee shop I went to. On my recommendation from my blog I'm sure."

How Hollywood. Oh wait there's New York too. Pick a coast...any coast! Jeff Foxworthy has a great joke: "There is L.A and New York and a whole bunch of people in the middle who don't care."

PDA's affectionately known here as Public Displays of Ass Kissing can only do two things:

PROS: Brand you as an ass kisser. (See Brand Yourself.)

CONS: You will be an ass kisser, from now and on into your next life. Sell your house, move to a remote area where you can only get dial up.

You have been voted off the Internet! Unless of course you pucker up to the right people. Am I right?!

This concludes 5 Ways to Get Noticed in Social Media. As you can see there are good and bad sides of the items listed. Focus on the positive attributes. Have fun and play nice. G'day everyone. Go to a local shelter and adopt a cat if needed.


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