What are You Doing Using Twitter: Redux

In my posts What are You Doing Using Twitter? and What is Twitter? I showed you valuable ways to promote your blog using the micro-blogging service. In this post I'll give you three more ways to use Twitter to your advantage.

Welcome Your Twitter Followers - One of the most important things I have learned in business is to always do a follow up with a nice big Thank You!

If you're in my followers list then you have probably already gotten a 'Thank You' link with some useful Twitter blog posts.

To get an idea how to make your own Twitter blog post and 'Welcome' page you can take a look at: Random Twitter Blog Posts for You

There are no links to other pages on my site or high pressure action steps to take. No join my micro-blogging crusade. Just a simple 'Thank You'.

If you're not into making a 'Welcome' what I did before was send folks my What is Twitter? post and address it as 'Twitter tips by me'.

Twitter Widgets and Tools -Use the hell out of them! TweetDeck certainly made my micro-blogging world a lot simpler. That is one of the more basic Twitter widget type gadgets that will assist you in marketing. It seems like there is a Twitter widget or Apps. coming out every week and my suggestion would be to use the ones that are most efficient for you and not just the latest and greatest.

Twitter ID in Signatures in Forums
- Most forums allow you to have up to four links in your signature so make sure your Twitter profile is one of them.

Leave your Twitter Profile in Blog Comments
- If you are a big comment marketer like me then dropping your Twitter ID as either your name and URL or placing a live-link in your comment is useful. Make it easy for other users to find you.

One of the best examples I have seen for using Twitter ID's in comments is at Jim's Marketing Blog and his post Building Your Twitter Network. It's a post I've brought up many times and is a meeting place for like minded Twitter users.

Twitter and comments are for people who are social. I have my quiet moments but for the most part I really like to be a part of the social aspects of the Internet.


  1. With the use of the @Replies, I have found myself going on a lot more frequently to check if anyone has @'d me.

  2. I chat with friend and make lot of friends on twitter.

  3. I quite like welcomes when I follow someone on twitter, but as long as they're done by direct message. There is nothing worse than someone you're following posting a string of welcomes as tweets. I don't know if they think it makes them look popular, but I unfollow someone like that very quickly.

  4. great resource for twitter. should come in handy for new twitter users. i use twitterfox for firefox to manage my twitter account.

  5. @audrey Yes I like the DM's better because it seems more personalized. There are auto DM's but I think people are having some problems with that lately. I'll stick to the slow process of thanking people on Twitter individually. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing
    Best Regards from Turkey!

  7. I just wanted to say that I've been following this blog for a while and just wanted to say thanks for the tips. I'm not making as much as I'd like, but I'm definitely making more with my blog than I used to!

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  9. great resource for twitter. should come in handy for new twitter users. i use twitter fox for fire fox to manage my twitter account.


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