What is Twitter?

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What is Twitter you ask?

Until someone invents nano-blogging Twitter will have to do.

Twitter makes it way too easy to stay connected in the social networking crowd. As social media continues to expand so will use of the micro-blogging service.

What are some of the advantages of Twitter that takes it beyond just another Internet phenomenon?

Twitter is many things rolled into one.

(Micro) Blogging

When asked "What are you doing?" make sure it's interesting!

Twitter Whore - is entertaining example of what is totally screwed up about micro- blogging.

On the upside it's the little things that make Twitter real for most. What if you could actually get inside the heads of people like Tim O'Reilly, Andrew McAfee or Robert Scoble on a more personal level?

How did we go from Lisa Nova to the other three? That is the beauty of Twitter.

Getting into the minds of who you follow and who follows you is the true essence of the micro-blogging platform.

Be yourself. Be a real person. Let others get inside your head.

What else is Twitter?

PR Machine

O...M...G...! It's like freaky!

Etiquette has no bounds in micro-blogging. Some of us prefer it that way.

Twitter is like an instant news wire for just about anyone. Need a story? Got a story? It's covered. Depending on how many Twitter'ers you follow or who follows you, Twitter brings it all to your doorstep. On a silver platter no less.

Micro-Press Release

Twitter has reset the standard for the PR world. You either follow or unfollow and that's it!

You can Tweet out whatever you want whenever you want. Newsworthy or not. It's there in 140 characters or less. Your:
  • New Post
  • New Contest
  • New Product
  • New Alliances
  • New Sign Ups
  • New Events
  • New Web sites

Better than RSS

Twitter is better than RSS in several ways. Twitter'ers who may not elect to subscribe to your blog or Web site can be more selective if you Tweet a new post that serves them. In my opinion its far easier than checking elsewhere.

Twitter again helps you deliver awesome customer service. Twitter users with major followings give their Twitter audience the red carpet treatment that you may not find on their Web sites.

Twitter can be looked at as an exclusive club to offer your readers. As its accessibility is so simple and instantaneous making it easy for readers and businesses to connect.

Again 'What's new?' and "What are you doing?"

...Today in my own little Twitterland THIS is what's going on...

Keeping people up to date is so simple on Twitter it's almost sick!

Create a page to link to all your newsletters and that may entice or remind your readers to sign up. All from one little micro-post.

Power of the ReTweet
If you're not using Twitter and want to know what 'RT' means--it's the new '@' and 'LOL'.

Going viral with your message has never been so easy. Here's a great tip:

"Please RT" -- That phrase works wonders.

Check out this post by Dan Zarrella because he's got the RT down to a science.

What's in a ReTweet? That Data Behind Viral Messaging on Twitter
If you're not using Twitter you're missing out. Read my post What are you doing using Twitter? for more ideas on marketing and micro-blogging.


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  2. Twitter is a great tool for fast communication, is really easy to use

  3. Twitter has really taken the world by storm! It is in every newspaper...

  4. nice post i have to agree twitter is a great service it really has taken the world by storm since both google and yahoo where looking to buy the service away from twitter


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