Friday Social - YouTube Tips

YouTube - What a great way to be social! Create an account and add a link to your site. Start adding videos from the network or make your own.

As an example I used Tim Brownsons - How to Be Miserable video to show how you can showcase your favorite YouTube videos.

To make your videos go viral there are great options from YouTube. The more activity a YouTube video gets the more popularity it gains within the network:

Share - Hit the YouTube share option and you can add videos to Mixx, Myspace, Facebook, Digg, send it to all your contacts on YouTube, email to friends and even blog it!

Favorites - When you favorite a video it will automatically show up on your channel. I usually copy and paste the URL and make it my main video on my channel as it's the top vid for people to see. The more it is a favorite the more buzz it will create in the YouTube network.

Rate it! - See those little red stars under the main video on the left? Make sure you rate videos for maximum exposure.

Commentary - Oh yes the comments area. The more comments you give and get the more activity the video generates within the network. You may see vids on YouTube home page that are popular today today known as 'Rising Videos', most talked about, etc. Comments really help your video get a boost.

Thumbs Up
- Use the thumbs up (or down) options for comments you find to be beneficial to the conversation.

YouTube is all about the buzz so the more activity a video has the better chance it has to get more views.

YouTube Tips:
  • Views: There is speculation that YT alters their 'hit counter' for videos. Your hits are not going to show up right away and may even take a few hours for the information to populate. Be paitent and keep promoting your video.
  • Update your channel frequently by adding videos, commenting on channels and sharing great content.
  • Make your own videos. If you don't own a video camera you can make what is called a montage, which is a collection of images. Go to Flickr and ask members if it is okay to use their photos. I have always gotten the 'green light' when I ask. Just add their name or Flickr profile to the credits.

    Other forms of images can be screen shots, your own photos and manipulated images from the web. MS Paint is your friend and is good for text images. Make sure you read up on Fair Use laws as YouTube does not tolerate copyright infringement. Edit your images in Microsoft Movie Maker that came with your PC or iMovie for Mac.
Have fun with YouTube as it is a great way to be social and make your content go viral!

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  1. These are some great tips. I have not tried to be popular on YouTube it seems like such a big sea. I have focused quite a bit of time on Hupages and Squidoo though.

  2. This is a great artilce; like a step by step process on how to make your content go viral just by using youtube. Now I feel bad for never promoting any of my youtube content. Geez, it's so easy. Maybe it's time to start putting some effort into it. Thanks for the motivational post!

  3. You can also find out where some videos that have a lot of views get some of their traffic from: click on "Statistics & Data" and check the "Sites linking to this video" section.

    By the way, this is really random, but that tag cloud thing you have is really cool!

  4. I haven't tried to be popular on Youtube. I think with technology advancing so quickly, I must jump on the bandwagon soon before there it runs out of space for me!

    I will certainly take these tips into account when trying to increase my popularity on Youtube.

    Thanks for this article.

  5. @baby shower ideas the trick with You Tube is you really have to focus your market and that will trickle into the YT network. :)

    @CSS Perk & Forex Vengence thank you and thank you. :)

    Promote your existing YT vids as you create more.

    My tag cloud is getting bit cluttered I'm going to have to figure out how to expand it!

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  8. Well thank you. If you like this blog you'll love the Wordpress version:

    Unique Blog Designs created the theme. Hit them up if you need a cool Wordpress theme.


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