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Web Optimization <--- a="" doing="" for="" google="" href="http://blogsthatmakemoney.net/" post="" search="" see="" this="">blogs that make money' I kinda noticed that I'm in the #1 spot again! On Halloween of 07 not realizing I hit number one I started goofing with my links and what not. I removed a bunch of links and changed a some titles but also learned some new SEO tricks of the trade. At last they have all indexed and I've had a fair amount of SEO that I was tinkering with so today well you can see for yourself:


The most important part of SEO is patience! I was not shooting to be on top right away I knew if continued to work what I have learned eventually it would happen. :)

Also my organic search is up by 10%!

What did I do:

Exercised Patience - This cannot be stated enough. Just do what you are supposed to be doing and your efforts will off shoot an outcome that you had been working towards.

I'll read some SEOs asking "why haven't my links indexed yet?" Well they are only a day or week old so give it some time. Instead of worrying about it either link to sites that are already indexed or sit on your new posts and eventually they will show up in the serps.

Restructured Backlinks - Do you comment market? I do and I mainly blog on older blog posts that have been around for a few weeks. Not like it matters but it helps. I also rearranged my internal links and changed some of the titles to reflect the keywords I was looking to bank on.

Keywords - Like I said my organic search results have gone up 10% since November and just 6% in the past three weeks. I like to pride myself on being better at keyword research than other SEO things as I use a mix of highly competitive and keywords with low competition.

Followed My Own Advice - Obviously most of what I have learned I got elsewhere. I just happen to be an observant person and if people say it works you should probably be doing what works. My one piece of knowledge I would pass on is pick and choose what works for YOU! I still hear people rave about article marketing. Perhaps it works for them but I find it to be too time consuming and would rather keep my intellectual property for myself. It works, just not for me.

What worked for me? Making useful lists like Blog Marketing Tools or post with specifics like How to Get Backlinks One Way or the importance of simple SEO methods like Dofollow or Nofollow? That is the Question. These posts have been shared, bookmarked and passed around. Not to tens of thousands of readers but to enough to give me some honorable backlinks and mentions.

So there you have it. I no doubt think that my site will slip here and there but I've taught myself more and implemented tenfold my tactics since October 07 so I will keep you all posted. :)

Tell me what you think!

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  1. Jordan,

    Congrats on the Google rankings. Very impressive. ;-) I agree with you about the article submissions thing. Very time consuming and for me my effort are best spent elsewhere.

  2. So true that it takes time to get the rankings up, but if you put in the effort to get your key words and phrases in each of your page (with proper titles) your site will typically begin moving up the ladder.

  3. hi...
    nice info u got here...
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    hope u can drop by my site and leace a comments too...

  4. Organic Seo gives the best traffic . Congrats on being #1 again

  5. Good work. I can’t say how right you are on the subject of patience. It takes some persistence but keep working and the results will eventually come your way. I was reading an seo blog yesterday and someone started a thread saying that they’d built a few backlinks earlier that day and wanted to know why their search engine results hadn’t improved yet! I see that you’re at number two at the moment but you’re doing well against some tough competition.

  6. Thank you for the tips. Will try them out to promote my blogs. It is not easy to be a new webmaster like me nowadays. So many competitors.

  7. Yes there were some useful tips and patience was what I really lacked when I started on SEO techniques, but now I understand it and with time have got good results. Thanks!

  8. Hi, Excellent performance I too agree that for Seo patience is of utmost use.Thanks for sharing

  9. Patience has always been a part when it comes to SEO. The reason why almost all starting bloggers fail is because they can't seem to wait further for results.

    Congratulations on ranking number one. That definitely must have put a smile on your face.

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  11. Patience. Guess, I know what you're talking about!
    I've been waiting for results on SERP for almost 2 months!

  12. Hey this is such a great post. Just happened to stumble upon your blog while searching for swagbucks :P lol.

    but you made soo much sense! I've recently been working on the SEO stuff too.. and for a total newbie like me.. it can get pretty complicated. But I've learnt that just doing bit by bit every day and being PATIENT.. helps.

    I'm also ranked for a few keywords on the big G :)

    Yay to us!

  13. Patients and effort - About the only thing that don't change is the importance of backlinks be it blogging, Forums, social sites, articles, etc. Even then - any given site could change ranking and PR over night whenever Goggle decides to switch things up. Page 1 to Page 3 to Page 10 back to Page 1. PR3 to N/A and back. Just know that it usually balances it's self back out.

  14. Very good tips, thanks for sharing.

  15. I think this article it is useful to me for development of my site and a blog. Thanks.

  16. Nice work - Good point about follow your own advice. I find myself not doing that all the time too.

  17. Good tips and good work. Building traffic and SEO is slow work but once you get a 'critical mass' it really pays off in traffic.

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  19. Good to see you're back up at number one. Once you get to the top it's too easy to relax and before you know it someone has overtaken you! Keep up the good work.


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