Social Networking List

Hi here is my social networking list that I like to be active on.

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Why should you be social networking?

For a number of reasons:

Building a Community
Keeping in touch with an audience.

Your audience does not have to be a member of your blog but by social networking you are giving you, the blogger exposure.

What I love is the variety. Not only am I connected to those who like internet marketing, I share similar political, intellectual or humorous views with others.

My love of learning is also nurtured as I get to chat with lots of different folks and learn about other websites.

I also love promoting other peoples stuff. It's just in my nature.

Getting to the good stuff!

I'm as avid Stumbler and not only is Stumble good for a boost in traffic you can get double or triple the backlinks!

Say your post gets stumbled. You get a backlink from that posts Stumble discovery page. If anyone reviews your story you get a backlink from their member page. If someone else clicks on that review and reviews as well that is another backlink! I've also noticed that Blog Catalog has an area on it's site that you can connect your Stumble account with them somehow. Yep another back link from Blog Catalog/Stumble.

Mixx is also very good for backs links.

Not all back links are created equal. Some are 'nofollow' which is ok they just don't hold power in boosting your page rank.

Increased Traffic
The best part!

I don't use everything in my social networking list everyday but I do use some of them every time I post.

If you need a boost in traffic try submitting your link to several social media sites over a couple of days.

I'm actually subscribed to other social media sites but these are the ones I use on a regular basis. It's nice to have them as an option so if I'm asked to 'please Propel or Buzz' I can help someone out.

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  1. Glossy Business Cards says: Huge list, Thanks. I will bookmark.

  2. huh? do you have a larger list? :D thanks

  3. Will bookmark, and I am your friend all around :)

  4. Just to clarify stumbleupon links are nofollow

  5. @ads for blog...bigger list coming right up. ;)

    @pain reliever...thank you!


  6. Hey Thank you very much for the use list. Yes you need social bookmarking for good traffic.

  7. why someone would ask for a bigger list when there is an image full of site they could get a list from I don't know im just looking for tips to get my Ps3 Linux some good traffic

  8. oh it is awesome, thank you for the free help on us...thanks

  9. That is a really good list of social networking sites not heard of all of them but will definately check them out.

  10. Nice.. very useful to me.. thanks ..

  11. Yeah i agree that social bookmarking really help to increase traffic and thank you for posting this article.

  12. Excellent list, thanks for this informative post.

  13. Excellent list and good advice about using social networking too! This is going to be the next stage in blog development for me! Thank you!


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