Blog Traffic: How to Get It!

Blog traffic the ever elusive Holy Grail of the Internet.

What if I told you getting way more blog traffic is not as hard as you think!

Keyword Junkie
When it comes to keywords I'm a fanatic. I research keywords just for fun!

If you are good at locating keywords and knowing how to use them you're in for a treat. Not only do they bring your blog consistent traffic over time, if you're good, start a keyword generating service as a part of your blogging business package. Yes keyword research is included in my business blogging packages.

Have a Social Blog
What I mean by a 'social blog' is writing about the social media sources you use the most. Give tips, tricks and ideas how to use social media to the readers advantage.

This is a great way for creating lists that people like to save and pass around. Solve your readers problems by providing answers to their social networking issues and you will see a decent amount of blog traffic in the end.

Some tools in my social networking list are: Stumble, Twitter, Entrecard, Mixx, Technorati, and Reddit. Recently I joined a nice little network: Social News Central.

Answer questions or start conversations on your own posts and give and receive feedback regularly.

Blog Submission
The area of blog submission doesn't end with directories.

Sites like Ezine Articles, Craigslist and eHow are basically ways to submit your blog for traffic and a proper form of link baiting.

Others forms of blog submission:
  • Comments - You are submitting your opinion and URL in a comments area and if people like what you have to say (even better if they disagree actually) they may want to see literally where you are coming from. Comments on both blogs and forums are great for link building too which gets you even more blog traffic. Don't stop at personal blogs and forums. Online newspapers can be really great for your comments if they allow a back link. Some do!
  • Traffic Swapping - Otherwise known as guest posting. You don't guest post because you are afraid. Get over that fear because that is where the traffic is at! The most you will hear is no reply at all just move on to the next blog. Even when you host a blog submission from elsewhere, it is common courtesy for the guest to post on their blog they are featured on your site.
  • Internal Links - What better place to submit your blog than your own site. Whenever I get the opportunity I'm always link-baiting to myself. A combination of internal URL's, keywords and live links will do wonders for your search engine ranking.
It's one more way to direct your readers to other posts in your blog. Ta-da, more traffic!

Use the power of others who have already been there and done that to build your blog traffic so you can do the same for others in the future!

By the way these are not things you do once you should be doing a combination of them everyday. Don't just read about it!

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  1. Nice tips! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I just wonder how can you follow commenters links if this is a "blogger" blog. By default all these blogs are "nofollow".

  2. @Anthony thank you!

    In regards to 'nofollow' as far as I know this is still in effect:

    Removing Nofollow from Blogger

  3. As far as I can tell, thius blog is no follow, yet you have the do follow badge.

  4. Fixed that! Just changed blog themes a month ago. I don't catch all the details all the time so thank you for pointing that out.


  5. Good tips. I need more work on the key word area. Looking to see if you have an article on that or let me know if you recommend any...

  6. As far as i am concerned i have got to agree with you. my blog relys on traffic search too much and this is really bad because it makes you wonder what if Google stop sending you visitors. Of course you have got to rely on other ways. a great formula is commenting on blogs or link-baiting other sites. the best formula anyway still remains the one to be more visible on the blogsphere by writing articles, posting comments and joining in some web conversation. As far as keywords... yes they are good SEO but in a tough market like the Internet where a lot of people use SEO it is hard to get the top spot you wish. my blog speaks about freeware...i use keywords and other stuff but is very hard because there is a lot of competition! you could say: you have to get a niche...OK but i can not speak about car or t-shirts when my heart beats for freeware, tricks and hacks!!! Anyway thanks for getting some light on this topic!

  7. In my opinion just have good content. Google will definitely reward you for that.

  8. Hi nice idea... Your blog has a lot of information nice job... I will visit this every other day...


  9. Your point about commenting is right on the money - people underestimate the value of a good, well thought out comment. not only is a great way to get visibility for your site, but also it is a good way to network with the blogmaster.

  10. Thank you to everyone that commented. Another topic for up for debate is link baiting which I find totally acceptable.

    Had some quick convos with others earlier this week that bloggers are afraid to link bait.

    If it is relevant, helpful and not spammy JUST DO IT!

    The best way too is to link directly to a post rather than to your website. Be specific and solve a problem.

  11. Good post. Good content is one of the most important factors + quality backlinks + other factors = traffic.

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  13. Great info and tips. Everyone is always asking about this.

  14. Great Great Great tips. I always get afraid to comment on other people's blog. I actually want to follow this blog. Is there a way I can?

  15. Are there any automatic tools (plugin) to submit blog articles to articles directories like Ezine articles, Craiglist and eHow?


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