Blogs that Make Money & Keyword Research

Well looky here...

To the right is a screen shot from my blog and that is an Adsense ad with the keywords 'blogs that make money'.

Why am I telling you this? This is not my ad for one, and in using Adwords I have never used the term because it is not a highly regarded keyword phrase and costs a lot to use.

So why did the hell did I name a blog 'Blogs that Make Money'? Because I did.

It was actually the first title that came to my head at the time and suits its purpose. The phrase itself is not a huge search item but things that revolve it are. The blog can go in so many different directions to an adequate group of readers.

Sooooo. I bring it up cause' I'm no expert on keywords (just a keyword geek) but in doing the research this is not such a great search term. This is more of a branding deal so maybe some day it will be highly searched with tons of buzz surrounding it. :)

A good example here is Ramit Sethi's blog 'I Will Teach You to be Rich'. Never heard of the guy until a year ago I found his site doing research for a client about millionaires and rich people. I don't remember the exact search term but it was not the title of the blog. His blog is a rather bold statement made for branding.

Those who are keyword fanatics will know what I'm talking about. Terms like this cost money so if you are going to use Adwords make sure you do your research.

My other thought is that if I am paying for Adwords the first three spots on Google for that search term had better enhance the value of my ad. In this case the first two sites (I was #1 two weeks ago. :'( ) do not even use Adsense!

There is no ill intent towards this advertiser this is merely an observation. You have to look at more than what other people are doing. You have to find out how they are thinking and that is a strong point at this moment in marketing because the market itself dictates what you market and sell. Not the other way around.

I almost hope the advertiser is not a reader of this so they don't think I'm picking on them. Then again I hope they are and take this post into consideration.

To be truly niche when playing with keywords it's advised to have a small following with little competition. Too small a following (very low keyword search) does not help your blog.

If you are new to blogging that would be number one thing to pass on to you. Read, read, read = research and I don't mean market research. I mean read everything you can about blogging and how to promote your blog. Read as much as you can about what interests you even if there is no relation to your blog, and do it until you feel your eyes might explode.

Pareto Principle for Bloggers: 80% research 20% implementation that drives it home.

The marketing will fall into place.

Reading a lot makes your writing flow too. Your paragraphs are seamless and it's almost as if the blog post is writing itself. I don't write everyday but I read more than I think is normal. I used to be a 'doer' and finally said "screw this" because I was making more work for myself.

Research and reading makes everything automatic. You pick up what others miss. You learn what to do and what not to do from others. Let them do the work for you!

When you read on a regular basis there is no such thing as writers block either and your writing is organized before it ever hits the screen.

Research your keywords and readreadread. A lot.



  1. interesting post...keyword research is very important for many aspects of the website

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  2. Personal branding is ultimately the bottom line when you want to build a reputation. I would agree that it takes a lot of keywords research and reading to get that elusive "magic keyword". You have to invest in time, effort and money.


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