What is John Chow Having for Lunch Today?

I have learned more about blogging on Twitter than any article, book or blog I could ever read. Not just from John Chow mind you...

It reminds me of the the book The Millionaire Mind and The Millionaire Next Door.

Twitter could be an equivalent: The Blogging Mind: how successful bloggers think.

It's not about emulating, more about shortcuts and doing that which is worthwhile.

A question that came up from Darren Rowse on TwitTip was:

When is Broadcasting Ok on Twitter?

My answer: Always!

Unless of course a Twitterer doesn't know when to stop.

When are good times to Tweet? When you have a blogging epiphany (that is 'safe for work' and your reputation) when you are socializing and laughing with other Twitterers, you have a new post on your blog, or you want to share the love and Tweet a good cause, news or friends site.

What I like best about Twitter, again, is getting in the heads of other bloggers. Why not subscribe to their sites? Because I already know most are going to Tweet on a regular basis that way I can pick and choose which posts apply to me at the given moment. I don't do affiliate marketing or use Wordpress but follow John Chow on Twitter instead. He did a great post today to promote Diabetes and Philanthropy Day.

It's those down to earth posts that get me. Anything informative that I can use and ponder. (A commenter also mentioned that in India it is Childrens Day. I like that.)

Who else have I learned from? I'm not a Lifehacker reader but I like the blend of personal, biz and publishing ideas that Gina Trapani Tweets. I've already implemented some of biz stuff here and there.

So if anything Twitter is a good tool to pick up some readers that don't subscribe to your blog and learn from others thoughts and wisdom in their Tweets. :) Try following more people on Twitter.

What are you doing using Twitter?