Friday Social - 11.14.08

The week's over time to par-tay!

I'd like this to be a weekly deal so if you like it let me know what you think.

Social News Central
If you have a Ning account and like social media this is a good spot to hit up. Lot's of Digg and Reddit talk and everything social in between.

Seattle Bloggers and Those Who Love Them
I never really use Facebook I'm more of a Stumble, Twitter type girl. So I finally started a group. This will be a lesson in self promotion. I'm too modest for my own marketing sometimes.

Doing Everything and Travelling Everywhere
Why don't you sell your house so you can travel the world and blog in over 40 countries. Gary Ardnt did just that and here is an interview with the photographer and world traveler. Please pass it on and do your magic people this is a great episode in blogging that others need to see.

Social Media is a Cocktail Party
Out this week a book exclusive to Ignite Social Media. Compare social networking to real life!

Order the book on November 20th and $3 will go to Make Wish Foundation for sales made that day.

Order it on Amazon

Twitterer Of the Week
The User Pool
Prepare to be dazzled people. A highly entertaining force on the blogsphere and on Twitter.

(To share your posts or social networking topics please do so in the comments for next week. Have a great weekend!)

Photo: M. Keefe


  1. Thanks for mentioning the new book. I appreciate it. We're giving $3 to Make-A-Wish for every copy we sell on Thursday, November 20.

  2. I've been doing a lot of article submission recently and I've also started doing press releases and I've been pleased with the results of both.

    The best advice I've ever heard is to "Put yourself all over the internet. Make it impossibly for people not to notice you!"

    You have to think where your target audience is likely to visit and muscle in on those areas.


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