Dofollow or Nofollow...That is the Question

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Dofollow is there such a thing?

There has been a lot of buzz recently on whatever you feel like calling it...

dofollow, pick.

Nofollow. An old topic making headway again!

What is the best option for your site? If you do-follow there is extra incentive besides all that great content to get people to hang out at your blog.

If you 'nofollow' you hoard all the link love in favor of PR.

Now the next question is, how important is PR to you. For some it's no big deal to others it is the cyber-world and everything in it!

On that note this blog is no 'nofollow' (or dofollow for those who like the term better.)

However, a majority of internal links are 'nofollow' so that gives a balance between helping out my readers and still maintaining a bit of SEO power on my part. Comments certainly are dofollow.

Over the past few weeks here are some blogs that I have found discussing dofollow/nofollow.

Who is right? Everyone!

A Case for Dofollow
Internet Marketing Experiment Update - Jim's Marketing Blog
The Nofollow vs. Dofollow Debate - Jeff
Nofollow vs. Dofollow: Backlink Study - Tushar
Can Nofollow Links Hurt You? - Fast Blog Finder

A Case for 'Nofollow'
Nofollow: Hurting Your Blog? -
Why You Should Nofollow Your Blog Comments - Search Marketing
Five Situations Where You SHOULD Use Nofollow - Search Engine Journal
How and Where to Use Nofollow Tag On Your Blog - Semua-O-Rank

One More
Is nofollow used in these forums? - Yep. Digital Point PR 6. They get tremendous traffic but think how many backlinks they have coming in and going out. See comment #9.

What is Dofollow?
The better question is what is no 'nofollow'. (see below)

If your still confused this by far, is the best explanation I have found about dofollow and it is a Squidoo lens:

Dofollow: Increase Your Backlinks with Dofollow Sites

What is 'nofollow'?
Official from Matt Cutts in 2005:
The Official Google Blog - Preventing Comment Spam


  1. I love DoFollow blogs! They are really big help in link building..

  2. I wish those links you gave will help me make a decision, do follow, or nofollow soon.
    thanks for this post!

  3. Like always I don't get it lol Follow no follow lemme follow gim~

    how in the world do I know what the difference is. and hey I always post commenst on your blog and you never greet me with a visit or a comment?

    Is that what youe yakin about in following? lol

  4. @virtualmillenium it can be a tough choice and deciding which of my blogs are do or nofollow had me thinking too.

    @sacdunyasi danke. :)

    @harleyblues well to make up not visiting more often I added you to my Technorati favs, and RSS. Don't be afraid to pass your site around and ask for Stumbles and traffic. I'd move your RSS badge to the top of your page so more people can visit more often. I essence I'm following you now. :D

    Speaking of following who here uses Twitter?

    Follow me on Twitter

  5. I personally leave all my blogs as Dofollow on comments and monitor the posts/comments that people make. One word of advice is to NoFollow common links that can be considered duplicate on your site, that way you can filter the juice better throughout the links and control the webcrawlers better.

  6. I think dofollow blog are the wave of the future...although they generate a ton of spam....this is a good way to entice readers.

  7. DoFollow blogs are very helpful to link building.We can grow our business with the help of DoFollow.

  8. i have been meaning to set up my blog as do follow to see the results. thanks for the reminder! stumbled in.

  9. I personally don't think it matters for building links. I have do-follow on my blog. Love to encourage extra comments. I don't mind sharing the link love! :)

  10. I love backlinks to my site and Im generous I know how hard is to get backlinks out there, thats why i keep my comments do follow on all my blogs, this encourages commenting and increase visits, of course there is people abusing this attribute and tries to comment more than one time on the same post, or just make comments not related to the post but all you have to do is delete those comments

  11. I don't believe that dofollow will injure our blog

  12. nofollow will not be followed anymore. As people now can control relation between link juice and fidelity, blogger will reward their customary clients, content will be spread (wikipedia had decrease its participation numbers incredibly after nofollow adoption) and internet continues with its democratic and open character

  13. What about selling blogs and blog networks? Slims to be a very popular sport this days.

  14. I'm a huge fan of the dofollow plugin. Way to go! I think that if people are going to take the time to read your whole post and then contribute to the conversation, then they should be rewarded by getting a link to their site.

  15. dofollow blogs are great when it comes to link building but getting backlinks from them are very hard too since many blog owners aren't very linear when it comes to others comments as they think its always spam when in fact people are commenting on the blogs relevance which isn't fair and nofollow should be disregarded at all times when commenting as no one should ever waste their time commenting on them


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