Friday Social - Social Media Optimization

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Friday, Friday, Friday! Some of us don't have to worry about Fridays, but hey no more work until Monday for the majority! Time to get social! (For those of you getting this post a day late I'll have you know I finally changed the settings to correct it for next week.)

The 2008 Social Networking Analysis Report -
Geographic, Demographic and Traffic Data Revealed

As always another great post from Ignite Social Media. Do you ever wonder what the demographics are for some social media sites? We'll you should wonder, and here are some stats all laid out for you in the world of social networking.

Tip'd "A community for financial news, ideas and tips."
If you are into the details of finance this is a great place to keep up to date, bookmark and socialize with others about money.

Making Sense of Social Media
Social media progressing at lightning speed? Great article how social networking has evolved.

"The critical questions for marketers are: How do we insert ourselves credibly into these networks and conversations? What's the optimal use of this two-way communication and distribution channel?

The answer begins with an appreciation of how these new networks are evolving and how people are electing to participate. Social media is evolving as cable TV did, from the broad initial pioneers who prove the concept and attract mass audiences to niche channels that hyper-serve specific market segments or aggregate content into broader sub-categories like dating, health or careers. If MySpace is the pioneer, then LinkedIn is the B2B play, and the contenders for other spots along the spectrum are beginning to line up"

Twitterer of the Week

Green_Fairy is my 100th follower!

I can't wait to see the movie. :)