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This is a quick post since it is the Friday after Thanksgiving. You are either in the mall mobile-Tweeting your Black Friday excursion or sitting in front of the computer and Twittering from there.

Any how...

Part of the issue I see online are all these fancy tools and sites and you don't know how to use them. A bigger secret than that is you have to automate.

If your new or not so new to blogging behold the mysteries of social bookmarking.

What is Social Bookmarking. Tell Me the Secrets!
Social bookmarking is the easiest ways to get one way backlinks to your site.

After every post I hit up my Shareaholic button and then go to Social Marker. Make this automatic!

Social Marker is really nice since there is the option to choose only dofollow sites. I suggest posting to more than the dofollow sites but the magic lies in two areas: one way back links and front page.

The most popular front page to be on is Digg of course but don't pass up other sites like and as I mentioned Mister Wong which has an amazing PR 8. You can pick up some quick traffic but more important is the more people who publically bookmark your site the better. You get backlinks from all those users including your own bookmarks.

What is the other secret?
Social bookmarking. Social equals friends. Make friends two ways by either doing a search on bookmarking sites for those who have similar interest or add your user profile to your posts, links on your blog or in your signiture when you are commenting on other blogs.

It's pretty simple to automate these things and if you do it at least once or twice a week for a grand total of about 10 or 20 minutes you will get more traffic and links to your site.

So there you go. At least one hour this week go bookmark some posts! If you need help leave me a comment and I'll walk you through it. :)

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  1. great post it was very informational it had a lot of great ideas as well i myself used to use social marker but converted to a social poster user it has more dofollow websites that have higher page rank sites instead of social marker's one


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