Friday Social - Behold the Power of Twitter

Image by: Robert Scoble (Yes. The Scobleizer)

I needed a happy picture to offset some of the sadness in the following links.

Some interesting ways that Twitter is replacing the news:

Mumbai Terror: First Reports on Microblogs (Web 2.0 Bombay Blast on Flickr)
Why settle for filtered second-hand information when you can hear and see it from the real source.

CNN Ruins Olympics for Twitter Users
Twitter - an unfair advantage here I dare say. :)

The Obama Campaign - Wired

Twitter: The World's Biggest 24 Newsroom
More on Mumbi and yes Twitter gets more places than a news team probably could.

Thailand: Airport Takeover and Twitter

What Thailand Twitter'ers had to say about a coup.

Friend or Follow
Who are you following that is not following you back? For shame!

Twitter'er of the Week!
Ta-DA! It's HenchmanMike!
Mikes Blog: A Lust for Life
Latest Posts: Eat Dim Sum & Do a Zine
(two of my favorite pastimes)

Do you have a bright idea for Friday Social? Tell me all about it!


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