Friday Social - Networking

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It's all about the Twitter isn't it!

Twitter Groups
Do you know about Twitter Groups? You can start your own or join many of the lists and get more followers and follow more people. Just what you needed right?

Browse through it only take about five minutes to hook up with other Twitters.

Win John Chows Money
I thought this was interesting since JC has a way of pulling people in.

You can win $6,000 - 5K for your favorite charity and $1000 you get to keep.

Not in time for Christmas but what a way to end 2008 and kick off your 09.

$6000 Contest from John Chow and

Free SEO Tools
I was looking for a way to offer a space for people to congregate and build backlinks and thought of starting a Ning community. I wasn't sure if they were dofollow or not and when I did a Google search who else but but Collin Lahay was #1 for Ning and backlinking.

So I took his advice which confirmed that I was on the right back to start a Ning community.

How to Blog was taken so I started Free SEO Tools and will start a few others as well.

Ning is a really good way to socialize and have a space of your own to keep in contact with others. Not to mention the backlinks!

Free SEO Tools
A community revolving around SEO techniques and tips
and a nice way to promote your site and build ups some backlinks too!

Get and Alternative MBA
I've always joked that I have an MBA three times over doing what I do. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

Seth Godin seems to think business school is bunk and wants you to work for free in his office for 6 months. My question is can you hack it? The other question is 'Would it be worth it?'...


This is what you call old school but believe me being a protege is one of the most effective ways of getting ahead in business. At some point having an apprentice will get you even further!

Find out how you can work under Seth Godin in 2009 - Deadline to apply is Dec. 14th!

Don't Go to Business School! - pass it on!

More Twitter...

Build Your Twitter Network

You'll love this one. :)

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