Web Optimization: Always Be SEO'ing

(Web Optimization Update: Mysteriously my PR is back and I stayed above the fold the whole time too. My backlinks finally caught up so we'll see what is in store for me in the next few weeks.)

There is a reason, I have arrived at, why Google keeps it's PR updates a secret. If you are into SEO you can tell when the SERP's get all trippy and stuff that PR's are about to fluctuate.

Why should you always be SEO'ing? Because you never know when Google will update for sure. This topic came up in a recent conversation and I mentioned that my PR went to 0 because I was blogging too much and not SEO like I should have been at the time. Some of my other blogs stayed the same, some went up a smidge, others, well.

Ironically I posted how PR wasn't that important then two days later...Google: Thanks we'll be taking that...

"Now the next question is, how important is PR to you. For some it's no big deal to others it is the cyber-world and everything in it! -- Dofollow or Nofollow...That is the Quesiton

Back to why they keep it a secret: So people do not game the system.

As it is the Internet was meant to be gamed. In fact the whole purpose and original intent for the Internet was a way to get around communication in case traditional forms of communication were down. Can you say communication hack?

Why should you always be SEO'ing?

Web Optimization
You have to SEO everyday. Again why does Google keep it's PR updates so hidden? If you knew that the big G was going to update say, this Saturday or on Christmas you would be doing everything you could to game it so you would have a higher PR.

That is why you should be doing it everyday.

Blog Traffic
The more you SEO the more passive blog traffic you get. Had I been backlinking more than social networking I'd see more traffic and my backlinks would have been up and ready for a PR update. Indeed this is a case of you snooze you lose when you hang out too long at the cyber water cooler.

The real question is does Google update PR on a regular basis? In batches? All at once?

Boy Scout Motto: Always Be Prepared

Bloggers Motto: Always Be SEO'ing!

Or, always be gaming (and hustling) without a doubt.

Image by: Danard Vincente


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  2. Thank you for sharing such an important information. I have made my blogs and update them almost everyday but i was not getting good traffic and PR. After reading your blog i have come to know about the loopholes in my blogging and will work on them to improve the PR and traffic.

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