Blogs that Make Money: Blog Money Intro

Blogs that Make Money was intentionally to spotlight on what other bloggers were doing to make money. Well trying to get information out of people is next to impossible. The direction that the blog took was more of what people wanted. Ironically that was not making money but getting traffic and SEO tactics. Funny don't you think? The best part is I can tell people 'this is not a how to make money blog' ha ha and never intentionally was.

The purpose of my Blog Money Series is to fill you in on the what has worked for me in the past year. Some of the techniques you probably already know and I would love to either have a spin on those ideas or hear from my readers. What worked for you and what didn't.

The Blog Money Series will cut to the chase as I've goofed around with a lot of blogging stuff and found that there really are only a few proven methods to making money with your blog. So I've done all the leg work for you and will show you what I focus on and where not to waste your time.

Let me know how some of these techniques work out for you.

Blog Money: Writing Articles and Other Ways to Make Money


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