Friday Social - Social Networking List

Some quickie stuff:

Social Networking List
Look out for the up coming Redux post and all the social media you should be using.

#earthquake and #seattle earthquake. I was there. It rocked!

How to gain more followers: Participate in '#' search discussions and look to see what is hot in TwitScoop. Look for cresting topics or try and create your own.

I've gained at least an average of 5 followers for every discussion I've joined. Try it. :)

Every Friday someone get the ball rolling for #followfriday where there a Twitter follow swap. Neat huh?

Just catching up again on FB and learned about the chat - instant messenger feature.
Go to the bottom right of the page to 'Online friends' and next to it are the messenger options. Because you need more stuff to do and more options on Facebook!

You know I'd use Facebook more often but it's too damn confusing, but you can still add me: